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landscape_of_Firenze_thumbAmong the historic treasures of Italy, the Sesame that held other treasures in it is Galleria degli Ufizzi in Florence, one of biggest and oldest museums on the continent. With artworks of famous masters it is one of most visited touristic attractions in Florence.

Italy is well known for its historic treasures. Wonderful historical sites, world famous buildings and of course museums. One of most important Italian museum is Galleria degli Ufizzi, the Ufizzi Gallery in Florence, one of eldest museums of Western world.


The building of the Museum, which is architectonic masterpiece itself was started to build in 1560, and was suppose to hold offices for Florentine magistrates. Under one roof the Palazzo held the Tribunal, the administrative offices and state archive. The father of Museum idea was Cosimo I, the duke of Tuscany, who planned to arrange in the building the most notorious pieces from art collections. With time passing  further parts of the building were given to the expo.
The Museum’s halls are divided by pieces which actually stay there. And for example we have the Hall number one "Archeological", which was created in 1921. In here you have opportunity to see artworks hailing from Rome mostly, and three Roman copies of Greek sculpture: one in marble, one in bronze and the most precious done in green basalt. If you wish to see international gothic art you have  to look in the halls number 5 and 6, which are dominated by wonderful paintings by artist such as Gentile de Fabriano, Giovanni di Paolo, Jacopo Bellini.


One of most famous halls is: the Botticelli halls. Here the world’s most famous artworks of Sandro Botticelli are displayed. To start with famed Primavera (Spring) and so famous Birth of the Venus a visitor can follow the entire evolution of Botticelli’s style: Madonna del Roseto one of his first paintings alongside with Madonna in Gloria di Serafini (Madonna in Seraphim’s Glory) which are clearly connected to style of Filippo  Lippi.
To another great Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci is dedicated the hall number 15. The first and most important work in there is the Battesimo di Cristo (Christ’s baptism), painted by his master, Verrochio, but which is as well partly the work of Leonardo. He painted the head of an angel. The story says that Verrochio felt himself superior to his student after this painting dedicated himself to sculpture only. Another one notorious piece from da Vinci is his youth work the Annunciazione (the Annuntiation).
The oldest part of the Museum, so called Tribuna is an octagonal room in which the most precious and beloved pieces of Medici collections. It is the only room in which nowadays you can really find the original spirit of the Ufizzi idea, that is a place where to confront art, antic and beauty. All examples of artworks in this room came from after 1530 period. In the wonderful, precious stones inserted cabined were held the jewels, precious stones and gold pieces of the collection, which were moved to other branches of the Museum.
Today, the Ufizzi is one of most visited places in Florence. In fact in high seasons the waiting time by the entry can take even few hours... but it is worth it!!! To avoid waiting it is possible to reserve a ticket in advance.
If you are to visit Florence, but look for somewhere far from the city chaos Dream Wedding Italy has a wonderful place to propose you. Not only for wedding or honeymoon, but as well for a rest in a green scenery surrounded by peace and tranquility of Tuscan countryside:

Castello di Vicarello





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