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murano glassThe island of Murano has long been prized as an area of glass production. The techniques used have always been varied and innovative, and this tendency continues to this day with a near impossible seeming range of hues and forms being produced.
Anyone who has visited Venice, and even more so Murano, is bound to have noticed the shops selling Murano glass.

The beauty of it is striking, especially in the sun, where the magnificent colours gleam like rubies, sapphires and emeralds and create fantastic light shows on the walls and floor.

Why Murano though? It was certainly not the only glass production centre in Italy, so why has it become the most famous?
In part, this has happened thanks to the prosperity of Venice itself, first as a trade centre and then as a tourist destination. In addition, it has the creativity and innovative spirit of the glassmakers themselves to thank for its success, with the range of colours, forms and techniques being truly second to none.

Murano glass is extremely varied, and it can come in a variety of finishes. It can be clear or opaque, smooth or roughened with surface cracks (to give it the appearance of ice), pearlescent or bubbled, thin and delicate or made up of many layers of sturdy material.
Its uses are just as varied, and it is made into vases, chandeliers, paperweights and sculptures like the one in the centre of Murano.
It was even used to make the Murano town Christmas tree for winter 2006!

murano glass workerThe most popular souvenirs of Murano Glass are jewellery, whether it be a pendant, a pair of earrings or a personalised bracelet or necklace made with a selection of Murano glass beads. Whatever kind of Murano souvenir you choose however, be sure to look for the “Vetro Murano Artistico” trademark to ensure that you are buying authentic Murano glass.
If you are fascinated by the beauty and magic of glassblowing and the product that results, then why not pay a visit to Venice and to Murano on your wedding or honeymoon. You can choose beautiful favours for your guests made of Murano glass beads, tour the glass museum, watch the glassblowers practising their art and even learn some of it yourself on a course on the island.

If any of this sounds interesting, then take a look at some of our wonderful Venice locations to use as a base while visiting this beautiful, interesting area and learning its traditions.

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