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Amalfi paperOne of the first areas in Europe to produce paper, the Amalfi Coast was and still is famous for the quality of its hand made paper products. A wonderful way to bring the emotions and beauty of this wonderful area into communication, Amalfi paper is a beautiful gift and is perfect for wedding stationery.

Introduced to Europe by the Arabs  in the early 12th century, paper has now become so much a part of our lives that we cannot imagine the modern world without it.  Among the first areas to have intense contact with the Arab world was the South of Italy, and so it was that in port areas, such as the Amalfi Coast, new introductions were adopted quickly.
The Amalfi coast was also lucky enough to be able to take advantage of the hydraulic power of the Canneto river, running down from the heights of the Lattari Mountains. In the valley, known to this day as La Valle dei Mulini, or Valley of the mills, the craft really took off and in the 1700’s there were at least sixteen paper-mills to be found there, nestled between citrus groves and waterfalls. Poets and artists from all over the world were attracted by the beauty of this landscape, further increasing the fame of the area and the paper it produced.
To this very day there are many producers of Amalfi paper in the area, each of them using traditional methods to produce a truly unique product.  As souvenirs the factories sell letter writing kits, leather-bound journals, prints and various other paper products, some of which work wonderfully as wedding favours. In addition, many of them produce Amalfi paper wedding stationary to add a touch of originality and Mediterranean character to your big day even before you get on the plane, and long after you have returned home.
In addition there is an Amalfi Coast paper museum in Amalfi itself for those who are interested in finding out more about the history, seeing how the paper itself is made and seeing the advances made throughout the years. Amalfi paper is particularly suited for a wedding in this very area, and we have a selection of beautiful locations just perfect for a wedding reception here. Alternatively, you could keep a journal on your honeymoon, helping you to remember forever not just the day of the wedding itself, but also the joy and emotions of the whole experience.



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