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perfumes of CapriCapri is a beautiful island off the coast of Naples which, despite its small size and a population of just 7000, is the favourite destination of the rich and famous when visiting Southern Italy. The island is also, however, famous for its perfumes which seem to capture the very essence of the Mediterranean.

An interesting story revolves around origins of Capri’s fragrances. Legend tells us that a visit by Queen Joan of Naples to the island in 1380 prompted the monks of the Carthusian monastery to  collect a huge bouquet of local flowers to welcome her with. At the end of her stay, the monks noticed that the water in the vases had taken on an unusual yet pleasant scent, and they narrowed it down to work out that it came from the flower “Garofilum Silvestre Caprese”. They then used perfume extraction techniques on this flower to obtain the very first Capri perfume.
Now, the perfumes of Capri are made in tiny laboratories using traditional techniques. The scents are all inspired by the Mediterranean and in particular by the island itself, and are extracted from local flowers, herbs and fruits such as the ubiquitous, delicious Capri lemon.
The resulting products smell exquisite and are highly exclusive as the small laboratories mean that pretty much every perfume is a limited edition. Stars such as George Clooney love the Capri fragrancesand wear them as signature scents – after all, not many people will have them!
If you fancy a trip to a VIP destination, then why not come back smelling like a VIP too? The Capri perfumes make wonderful souvenirs and are a very special perfume to use on your big day, meaning that every time you wear it you will feel extra special.

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