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seredova_e_buffon_sposiNot only European royals or Hollywood stars are getting married this summer. Italian celebrities decided to not stay behind, for June 16th one of best Italian soccer players, Gigi Buffon married his long term partner and mother of his children, a Czech model Alena Seredova.

The wedding organized by bride and her sister Eliska was full of surprises and as during the preparation to every wedding little problems arose. The first troubles started about the wedding dress Alena was to wear. She just couldn’t find the right wedding dress! In fact just a few weeks before wedding she admitted this fact, saying that church decorations are to fit with her wedding bouquet, which in return is to match the wedding dress… which she didn’t have! It is said she refused buying a wedding dress worth horrendous sum of 110 thousands Euros. How sensible of her! Gossip say tough that many family members will wear clothes by Italian designers, as well as wedding bands, which are “made in Italy”. However many suppose that most attention will be focused on bride’s sister, Eliska. In fact after Royal Wedding in Great Britain when the heroine of the day was not modestly looking bride, now Catherine, duchess of Cambridge but on her younger sister, Pippa, who acted as the bridesmaid.


Well, the best surprise still was about to came shortly before the wedding… Originally the couple was to say sacramental “yes” in Prague, the native city of Alena. They chose beautiful Cathedral of Saint Vito, but the ceremony took place in… Basilica OF Saints Peter and Paul in Vysehard, two hours earlier than originally planned. A trick to avoid paparazzi? Well, no,  the explanation is much more simpler.
Obviously not only in Italy the public transport service likes to strike from time to time. The Czech transport strike in Prague happened to take place exactly the same day as the famous couple wedding. To avoid problems for their guest which might remain blocked “somewhere in the way” they decide to anticipate the wedding and change the ceremony location. Thankfully there weren’t many guests invited, just about sixty people, so everyone of them got the notice in time.

The groom arrived to the church in golden Bentley, whereas bride who stayed at hotel Kempinsky had chosen a white Rolls Royce as a mean of transport. No Mendelssohn for newlyweds! They leave the church accompanied by song of Robbie Williams “She’s the one”. Who would expect that the Juventus goalkeeper is so romantic! Surely the song was a tribute to his wonderful wife.
After ceremony the couple with invited guest  moved to one of Prague’s prestige hotels for the wedding reception. What do you thing, what was plat de ressistance?  Knodel?....

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