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alberto_charlene_wedding_photosArmani Privé wedding gown, two wedding ceremonies. High class reception, famous guests. And of course the prince Charming. The second this year royal wedding seemed to be another fairy tale. A dream of another one girl come true. Charlene and Albert are now married!

Last Friday, July 1st the heir to Monaco crown, Prince Albert married his long time fiancé, an Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock, originated from South Africa. This first ceremony, a civil wedding took place in the Throne Room of the Palace Princier. The couple was united and entitled as Their Serene Highnesses. Wanting the wedding to be truly spectacular event, the newlyweds decided to glorify this important day by a free concert , a spectacular show of abilities of French electro pop pioneer Jean Michel Jarre, who was joined at the stage by the happy couple. Charlene addressed the crowd much to their delight in four languages: French, English, Africaans and Zulu.

via LaStampa

But the culmination of all, long preparations was following day, Saturday 2nd, for this was the day of a religious ceremony. The Roman Catholic service took place in 13th century Palace courtyard. Dressed in Armani gown, the bride was the last (but no least) to walk down the red carpet, just before 5 p. m. The ceremony was conducted by bishop Bernard Barsi. After ring exchange and blessing, the bride, according to Monaco’s tradition left her bouquet at  Sainte Devote church. After doing so she joined her husband for a public procession through the city streets. The celebration was followed by a reception prepared by Michelin star chief, Alain Ducasse. The event of course gathered the most important personalities of the world, with total number of 500 invitations,  among which 20 state chiefs,  celebrities such Richard Branson, Roger Moore or Naomi Campbell ( the spouse’s former lover as to say), Karl Lagerfeld, Giorgio Armani and of course European royalties. Aside from celebrities there were a crowned heads as well, kings and queens of Sweden and Belgium.

via LaStampa

As a huge event the royal wedding couldn’t take place without minor and major speculations, of which the “hottest” one arose just a few days before wedding. Twenty years his bride senior, Prince Albert was always well known for having a soft spot for beautiful women. And as it is he’s fathering two children, no one of them a heir to the throne, but still... However, the gossip went, that there is another lady expecting the Prince’s offspring, which means that poor Charlene was betrayed even after the engagement, which took place one year ago. And so, the future Princess was reported to be seen at the airport with one way ticket to her homeland. The runaway bride to be was stopped and according to some informers deprived of her passport. Despite all problems, real of false , Charlene went through the wedding, tying a lifetime knot with Albert. But were those tears in her eyes  for joy? In opinion of many, the great, high if not highest class wedding and spectacles which framed it were meant to take the attention away from those uncomfortable facts and gossips. Well, we won’t speculate about it, wishing the couple many happiness in their life as man and wife.



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