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How many ways to say "I do"?

wedding ceremoniesThere are different types of wedding ceremonies that you can celebrate in Italy, and consequently you will have choices to consider and arrangements to make in order  to enjoy  the day of those life changing words at its best.
Overseas couples may in fact choose to celebrate their wedding in Italy with a civil ceremony, religious ceremony or a symbolic ceremony or simple blessing.



Civil wedding

Civil wedding ceremonies are performed in elegant wedding halls located throughout Italy. These beautiful palaces and villas have been official wedding halls for centuries and are rich in atmosphere and elegance.

Religious weddings

Italy is a predominantly Catholic country, so most religious wedding ceremonies here take place in the Catholic Church. Catholic weddings can be celebrated only in consecrated churches by a Catholic priest. Of course, if you are not Catholic you can still have a religious ceremony according to your own beliefs.
In the case of Protestant, Jewish or Orthodox weddings, for example, you can celebrate in a sacred location (church or synagogue) or in a villa, castle or garden, before a celebrant who is officially recognized by the Italian State.

Symbolic weddings

Symbolic weddings can take place in any beautiful wedding location of your choice. They are performed at a slightly lesser cost than a religious or civil wedding ceremony because there is no need for any legal documentation.
Every possible wedding destination in Italy will present you with a different assortment of ceremony options and wedding locations and each will have its own distinctive characteristics.

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