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Wedding in Italian villas

An Italian villa set against the stunning backdrop of Italian scenery is an excellent choice of location.

Whether you want to have a panoramic view of the mediterranean or to have your photos taken with the rolling hills of the Italian countryside behind you. Villas are suitable for many wedding styles and can be personalised to fit your individual vision.

You have the flexibility of being able to have the wedding indoors or outdoors in the garden, depending on the weather and on the kind of wedding you want. You can also choose to what extent you organise it yourself, with the comfort of a hotel in the fact that it is likely to have a kitchen and at least some rooms for guests, without having to rely on the hotel staff and suppliers for the decor, catering and bar. In fact, if you want to have a different company for each then you can!

Villas and castles often require very little decoration to be perfect wedding venues, as they are often beautiful already.
Be careful that your colour scheme or theme does not clash however, especially with some of the older fashioned buildings!
These are suitable for all kinds of wedding, from relatively informal to full on dinner and dancing, from traditional to contemporary or themed. However, most are quite spacious and are best suited to a larger wedding party.

Dinner can be whatever you want it to be - buffet, canapes, a sit down served banquet or even a simple garden barbeque.
The same goes for entertainment - you can be as creative as you please, and if the neighbours are miles away even more so!

Advantages of a wedding in a villa or castle include...

  • There is plenty of room for a large party. If you have large families or loads of friends and don't want to be constrained by space, a villa or castle is perfect, although you must ensure the villa is big enough before booking!
  • You can choose to be indoors or out, depending on the weather. You can even start in the garden and move indoors. This is perfect if the weather is uncertain.
  • Atmosphere. Old castles can be very atmospheric, and modern villas can be done up to suit almost any style or theme you wish.
  • You can party until dawn! Make sure that there are no residences nearby, and if there are not your reception can last for as long as you wish.
  • You are not constrained by suppliers and can use whatever catering or entertainment you please. You can also do the room up as you wish, with cushions and sofas for a relaxed feel, or formal seating for a traditional dinner.

A wedding in a villa and castle might not be for you if...

  • You want a small, intimate wedding. These venues are often very large and would look half empty with only a small party.
  • You are concerned about transport. These venues are usually off the beaten track, and any guests not staying at the venue may have a long way to travel to get to their lodgings.
We have a wonderful selection of villas and castles to choose from, for your wedding, for your honeymoon or even just for a holiday, all in some of the most beautiful locations in Italy - take your pick!

If you aren't sure about what kind of location you want for your wedding, take a look at our other wedding types or at our advice on location choice.

Just contact us so that we can start planning!

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