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Exclusive beach wedding in Italy

Seaside weddings in Italy have become more and more poular over the past few years, and its easy to see why.

Stunning natural locations which lend themselves to a fun, laid-back event combine with warm weather and excellent fresh cuisine to create a fantastic party atmosphere.

You can choose a small private cove or a long sandy beach, and beach weddings are not just for beach bums - you can make this event a classy, chic affair or a bohemian, relaxed party. Whichever stlye you choose, rest assured that the beaches in Italy are some of the most beautiful in the world, meaning you will have wonderful memories and stunning photographs to take away with you.

The food can be a buffet, finger-food and cocktails served from a beach bar, or even a delicious, relaxed beach barbeque.
Entertainment can be original and fun, maybe even participative, with plenty of space and fantastic surroundings for dancing and music of all types.

Advantages of beach weddings include...

  • The relaxed atmosphere. You can be guaranteed that your guests will enjoy themselves on a beach.
  • Natural beauty. Many beaches need very little adornment to look absolutely beautiful for your wedding.
  • Great for kids... of all ages! It is unlikely that even the youngest children or most fidgety adults can get bored at the beach!
  • Informal and contemporary. A beach wedding can be dressed up or down to suit your style, and activities that would be impossible in an indoor venue can be organised for guests at a beach wedding.
  • That little bit different... you can organise boat trips or water sports, have creative photos taken, and have unusual entertainment as there is usually plenty of space.

A beach wedding might not be for you if...


  • You dream of wearing a formal, full length princess gown. This would be unpractical and uncomfortable on the beach, not to mention that it would get ruined.
  • You would like a formal, sit down dinner. This is hard to organise on the beach, and wouldn't fit with the atmosphere.
  • you want a large wedding. It can be logistically difficult to organise transport and seating for a large party.
  • you have a lot of young children coming. For safety reasons you might want to consider how do deal with small children ao they don't get into trouble in the water.

We have a wonderful selection of beaches to choose from, for your wedding or even just for a visit, all in some of the most beautiful locations in Italy - take your pick!

If you aren't sure about what kind of location you want for your wedding, take a look at our other wedding types or at our advice on location choice.

Just contact us so that we can start planning!

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