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Italy's rich history is reflected in an array of beautiful spots which are not only spectacular but are also of historical importance.

If an event or era in Italian history is important or inspiring for you, or even if you find a particular place to be fascinating, then it is worth a visit. You might even decide to tie theĀ  knot there!
You might want an outdoor location where something important took place, or you may want to be near or perhaps in a building of historical importance. This is one way of ensuring your wedding is uniquely yours and making the locationĀ  mean even more to you than it already does.
This is bound to be an unusual reception, but the style of decor, if you decide to use any, as well as the kind of food and entertainment can be incredibly varied depending on what fits with that particular location.

Advantages of weddings in historical locations include...

  • This is unique, unusual and is bound to be remembered by your guests. If you choose somewhere significant to you, it also cannot fail to heighten even further the emotion of the day.
  • The wedding can be fairly informal, and you can invite a small party only if you want something intimate.
  • The entertainment can be original, perhaps recreating what happened in a specific place, or a guided tour.
  • You might want to theme your wedding around a certain era or event, and these sites are perfect for this kind of celebration.

A wedding in a historical location might not be for you if...

  • you have your heart set on a large wedding. Many locations will put a limit on the number of guests allowed in order to prevent damage to the site.
  • you want a location that is not available for weddings. Some historical sites may not be suitable for safety purposes, or because the site may be too easily damaged.
  • you are concerned about tourists seeing your wedding. It is likely that others will have access to the site apart from you, and they are bound to be curious!
  • You want a traditional meal and dancing. This is likely to be very difficult to organise.

We have a wonderful selection of historical sites to choose from, for your wedding or even just for a visit, all in some of the most beautiful locations in Italy - take your pick!

If you aren't sure about what kind of location you want for your wedding, take a look at our other wedding types or at our advice on location choice.

Just contact us so that we can start planning!

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