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Please note that you should not apply for documents and certificates more than six months prior to wedding date or they will expire.

Catholic weddings in Italy can only take place by the priest's permission and upon presentation of the following documentation:


  • Formal letter on church letterhead from your parish priest stating that you have fulfilled all PRE CANA procedures and granting permission for the wedding to be performed in the church of your choice.
  • A letter from the Archbishop or Vicar of the parish stating the same - your priest can obtain this for you.
  • ALL certificates of baptism, first communion and confirmation must be sent TOGETHER with this letter, together with a mixed marriage application completed if one of the spouses is not Catholic.
  • Original of the marriage encounter with church seals/signatures (they issue a form).This original is not just the certificate but also a type of signed questionnaire.
  • Seals or stamps must be from the parish office, so that everything looks correct.
  • For foreigners marrying in Italy, it is also necessary to produce a Pre-Nuptial Inquiry or Pre-Nuptial Investigation, since this contains the Nulla Osta which is the authorization given to the spouses by their Bishop. It will contain permission for marrying outside of their parish. It is signed by the diocese of the couple.

    These documents must be sent within 2 months of the wedding date, so that there is enough time to make sure they are all correct and that nothing is missing.

If you have been divorced, you will not be allowed to marry again in a Catholic Church. The ceremony could be done only if you can acquire an annulment from your previous marriage and have it recognized by the Church.
Please note that Church authorities in Italy should be contacted well in advance for information.

Should you require any further assistance with the organization of your catholic wedding in Italy, please contact us.

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