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Please note that you should not apply for documents and certificates more than six months prior to wedding date or they will expire.

Before leaving Australia, you are advised to obtain an "Atto Notorio" (Affidavit) from the Italian Embassy or Consulate in Australia.

Make sure you travel with your Australian passport. If you were married before, bring evidence of the termination of the previous marriage.
Please note that in Italy, a divorced woman cannot remarry within 300 days of the date of her divorce, unless she has a special permission from an Italian magistrate. If you are widowed, you must bring the death certificate of your previous spouse.
Once in Italy, you need to apply for a Statutory Declaration (Nulla Osta), which must be signed, whether you are single, divorced or widowed, in the presence of an Australian Consular officer at the Australian Embassy or Consulate, stating that "there are no impediments” for either of you to get  married.
The Nulla Osta must then be legalized by the Prefecture. Bring with  you a revenue stamp which you can purchase at a tobacconist
If you are unable to obtain an Affidavit from an Italian Consulate in Australia, you may obtain one from the Civil Court in Italy, either in Rome or Milan.
An appointment must be taken with the Civil Court  and you must specify that you are free to marry, and you must show a Visa or a ticket which shows recent entry into Italy or into the European Union.
Bring with you two adult witnesses. If either spouse or one of the witnesses does not speak Italian, it is necessary to provide an interpreter, in addition to the two witnesses.
Please note that neither spouse can act as witness or interpreter.

For the Civil Ceremony, bring the Atto Notorio and Nulla Osta to the Marriage Office, in the Italian city where you plan to marry. Book an appointment to make a Declaration of Intent to Marry, and another for the actual marriage ceremony. Bring with you two witnesses, and an interpreter.

If one or more of the parties is Italian or is an Australian with Italian residency, then Banns must be posted at least two weeks before the date of the actual marriage.

Should you require any further assistance with the organization of your wedding in Italy, feel free to contact us.

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