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Wedding inspiration: mood boardOne of the best ways to communicate your vision of your wedding to vendors, guests and others is though a wedding inspiration or mood board. These allow your interlocutor to see exactly what you mean and to visualise your wedding in the same way you do - just describing your vision can lead to misunderstanding, showing someone your vision on the other hand is almost fool-proof!

So how do you go about building an inspiration board? The idea is stolen from the worlds of advertising and design, where something similar is used to brainstorm for ideas. The concept is that you gather together everything that you find inspiring for your wedding and put it on a mood board. You can take things off, add them and change them as you wish to suit the tone and the feel that you want your wedding to have... and when you’re more or less happy with it, you can discuss it with a wedding planner or with your venue. The mood board will also help you to focalise and clarify your ideas in your own mind.

The best place to start is with a blank piece of A3 paper, a big pile of wedding magazines, scissors and glue. Sit down and look through the magazines, cutting out images you like. Don’t glue them on yet! When you have scoured the magazines, lay out all of the cuttings in front of you and identify a trend (not all of the images will fit) in colours, style and feel. If 90% of the images are in blue and cream with black details, you will know you have a winning colour scheme for example! Take all of the images within the theme you go for and stick them to your board. Don’t throw the unused image away! Stick them in a folder or a notebook. You liked them for a reason, so they might well come in useful, and you may even change your mind - after all it is your wedding!

If you are feeling hi-tech, then you can also create a mood board on the computer, using Photoshop or another similar programme, and scouring the thousands of wedding websites for inspiration. Another plus with this method is that you can also send this easily to us or to your wedding venue in Italy. The only disadvantage here is the fact that you can’t glue a ribbon, some sequins, a feather or dried flowers to your creation the way you can a physical mood board.

So what are you waiting for? Pick a colour, or a style, and get going to discover your true wedding style. You never know, you might surprise yourself!

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