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Normally, your guests come to your wedding, enjoy the ceremony and the celebrations and either leave that night or the next morning. With a destination wedding in Italy, the situation is a little bit different however, as you wake up in the morning and your guests are still right there...

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So what can you do to keep them occupied while you enjoy the first few days of married life before your honeymoon

We have a few tips for you:

A wedding after party

For some intrepid brides and grooms, the wedding reception party is not enough! They carry the party over to the next day, offering lunch parties in local restaurants, bring your own picnic gatherings in local beauty spots and cruises around the coast with plenty of food, drink and musical entertainment provided. This idea is best suited to party animals and those who want their guests to share as much with them as possible.

Organised trips around Italy

Italy is full of beautiful places to visit, and you can organise a guided tour of whatever area you are in, be that a trip around the museums of Florence, the imperial villas outside of Rome, the glowing white town of Ostuni in Apulia or a trip around the coast and the islands. This is a great option for guests who want to explore and for couples who want to keep them company in a relaxed atmosphere.


There are activities galore to try in Italy, from cookery classes to ceramic making, fishing to hunting, abseiling to windsurfing. The great thing about these is that if you have one group of guests who are foodies and the other group who are adrenaline junkies then you can organise two different activities to choose from.

Out of town guest bags

If you don’t have the cash to splash on extra activities or you feel you just want to escape from it all, you can help your guests to entertain themselves by offering an out of town guest bag with details of all of the places to go and things to do and how to get there. An Italian phrase book would be a useful addition to this!

So as you can see there are plenty of possibilities for keeping your guests occupied in the post wedding days. Whichever you choose, Dream Wedding Italy can help you with suggestions and organisation – just ask!

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