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getting the most out of your wedding venueWherever possible, we recommend that couples come out to Italy to view potential venues before making a final decision, as although all of our venues are of the highest quality, it is best to make sure that you really “click” with the place and that all of your questions are answered before making a final commitment. Here, we give you some advice on what to look out for and questions to ask to make the most of your venue visits.


1. Go with an image of what you want your wedding to look like but with an open mind to alternatives.

If you have no idea what you want it may be difficult to make a decision, just as if you have a very fixed image in your head it will be nigh on impossible to find something matching this exactly. For this reason it is best to sit down beforehand and talk about what you want from your venue and prioritise so that you already have in mind what is most important and what can be sacrificed depending on the situation. Keeping an open mind also gives you the opportunity to fall in love with an unexpected venue!

2. Ask questions... Lots of questions!

Do not worry about bombarding the venue staff with questions. They will be used to it and should be able to answer without too many issues, and set your mind at ease as well as helping you in other planning decisions. For example, you should confirm how many people they can host, taking into account space for any entertainment as well as room for catering. You should ask them about the bar, to find out if there is an open bar or a cash bar. You should find out if there is a service charge on top of the catering charge. You should confirm exactly what is included in the rental and reception meal and what entails extra charges... and so much more! There are so many questions to answer that we recommend getting professional advice on what you need to consider – contact us if you would like more details.

3. Take photos of the wedding venues

Take a camera and take photos of the venues so that you can look over them and compare them. The photos will jog your memory and allow you to evaluate each venue on a more equal basis.

4. If you are planning an outside wedding, make sure the venue has a bad weather alternative.

Although the likelihood of it raining on your parade in August in Italy is pretty low, it is always a possibility and even more so if you have organised a Spring or Autumn wedding. It is always a good idea to make sure they have an indoor alternative, and to make sure that you like it!

Your visit to Italy should also be romantic and fill you with excitement for your wedding, so if you can manage it, do take a couple of days extra off to relax and enjoy yourself rather than having to spend the entire time running around. This also gives you down time to digest what you have seen before making the final decision. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for help or one of our venues to arrange a visit.

Can't make it out? Then contact us and our venues and ask all the questions you can think of - we are here to help.

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