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intimate wedding ceremonyMore and more couples these days are moving away from ideas of tradition and history when planning their wedding, and towards celebrations that reflect their personalities and lifestyles more accurately. For many, this includes sacrificing the traditional wedding with as many guests as can be afforded for a smaller, more intimate celebration with close friends and family.

Why choose an intimate wedding? There are many reasons a couple may prefer a smaller group of people to attend their wedding. The most obvious, although not necessarily the most important, is cost. A small wedding costs much less than a huge party with 500 guests, and this can be used in part to save money and in part to splurge on certain things for the wedding that the couple would otherwise not have been able to afford, such as champagne and caviar for the toast, or a five star hotel instead of a four star for the reception.

In addition, there is greater flexibility with an intimate wedding. You are more likely to be able to organise your Italian wedding without the logistic nightmare of getting hundreds of guests to the right place in a foreign country. You are also less likely to hear hurtful or thoughtless comments about any of the more personalised aspects of your wedding.

Most importantly of all perhaps you will be surrounded by friends and family, and will get to spend individual time with each guest rather than running from one to the other and worrying that you’ve accidentally snubbed someone. You are also likely to feel much more relaxed, much more able to act like yourselves and much less worried about any minor mishaps, meaning you will enjoy your day far more.

Of course, there are also disadvantages, including some people, such as colleagues, distant cousins and friends of friends getting their nose out of joint because they expected an invitation. This is not something to worry too much about: just insist, politely and firmly, that you cannot afford or do not want a big wedding, or that your venue is just too small to fit any more guests – this day is about you, not what people think it should be.

All in all, the important thing is not the size of the wedding, but what it means to you. If you want a big wedding then you should have one, and if you would prefer a smaller one then this should be what you organise. Close your eyes, imagine your perfect wedding day and go for it, no matter what the size.

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