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the meaning of flowersDid you know that roses stand for love, anemones for expectation, magnolias for love of nature and freesias for innocence? Your wedding flowers mean something...

There are some flowers you want to include in your wedding day decorations for their positive connotations, and others that may be considered by some to be unlucky. The whole tradition comes from “the language of flowers”, a Victorian era book in which many words were replaced by the names of flowers. If you are the superstitious sort, or just fancy giving a nod to tradition, here is our guide to the symbology of wedding flowers:

Flowers for love and passion

Red roses or course, symbolise true love and are a staple for Valentine’s day, but did you know that red carnations and lilacs also symbolise love, while tulips and orchids are symbolic of passion?

Flowers for a lasting marriage

Stephanotis and lily of the valley symbolise marital happiness, while stock stands for the lasting beauty of a union and the lily for truth, honour and fidelity.

Other flowers with positive meanings

Chrysanthemums promise wealth and prosperity, baby’s breath is a symbol of innocence as are freesias, gardenias symbolise purity and joy, while hydrangeas are for understanding.

There are of course also some flowers that you might prefer to avoid because of their symbolic meanings, such as yellow roses for jealousy, larkspurs for infidelity and marigolds for grief. However, if you are not the superstitious type, and you have fallen in love with these flowers then don’t let this get in the way of you having what you want on your wedding day... the likelihood of becoming uncontrollably jealous over a bouquet of yellow roses  is relatively minor!

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