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chocolate wedding ideasIf you decided to get married in Italy you cannot miss Italian wedding favors. Maybe something of the local tradition, or some typical product. Your guest surely will be glad to receive “little pieces of Italy”.

In Italy traditional wedding favors are little bags containing sugared almonds, and little gifts of ceramics, silver or something cute but yet useful.
Since you’re coming to Italy there’s no sense of carrying those with you - sometimes half a world away.
Here goes some ideas on favors that will bring an Italian touch to your wedding, and joy to your guests.

Each region have particularities that make it famous for. And here we go, starting from the north:

Veneto - Murano glass

The famous product from venetian island of Murano, its production is dated as  far back as 7th century.
The art of glass making was perfected in 10th century and rendered the city famous for this fragile but wonderful merchandise. Among crystalline, gold threaded, multicolour or  milk glass, in its variety of shapes and kinds you’re sure to find something you and your guests will like.
From tiny wine glass charms, through to  glass flowers, colourful tiny glasses, to the selection of amazing elaborate bowls.

Umbria - Fine chocolate

The most famous Italian chocolates are the Baci (kisses) chocolates wrapped in multilingual love quotes and filled with whole hazelnut and praline. You may get them personalized, put in bags and... Sweet and enjoyable wedding favour ready.

Emilia Romagna - Modena balsamic vinegar

This vicious, sweet and sour vinegar alongside with olive oil can make amazing dressing for salads or simple bread dipping. It has been produced since the middle age, and now days it is highly appreciated by chefs all over the world. Get it in little 8.5 fl oz bottles  and complete with same size olive oil bottles, creating favors that your guest must relish.

Campania - Amalfi and Sorrento coast liquors

World famous Limoncello with its sunny colour leads the list of traditional, artisan products from this southern region.  Little, heart , half-moon, star shaped, tight closed bottles filled with colourful liquors may be just the perfect favour  to make your wedding more Italian like- according to tradition important guests were welcomed by offering them a little glass of usually homemade liquor.

Those simple but yet lovely favors that your wedding cannot lack. They are easy to get especially if you want to get married in Italy.


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