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wedding video tipsGetting married is one of the most important and most beautiful moments of your life, and it is something that you will want to remember with clarity forever. There are many ways of capturing special moments, from wedding photography, to comments in your guest book, to a photo booth for guests.

One of the best ways of capturing  the big day in all its detail however has to be the wedding video, but how do you decide on a videographer and what do you need to consider to get what you want from the video itself?

Choose the videographer

There is one word that is extremely important when choosing a videographer, and that word is experience. The videographer does not have to have filmed hundreds of weddings, but they need to have done some and to be able to show you their work. This is also a good opportunity to see if your artistic visions and tastes mesh, and to choose the videographer whose style most closely approaches your own. If they speak English, or have an assistant who does this will be much easier!

Think about what you want them to film

if you have specific requests of moments that you desperately want them to catch, or you want the video to include plenty of footage of friends and relatives, make sure you mention this to your videographer so that he knows what you are looking for.

Consider music and editing

If you want a certain soundtrack, make sure you give it to your videographer so that he can place music in the background . If you want a certain style of montage or editing, also be sure to discuss this with him.

Ask for a copy on DVD but also an original file or film

This is because DVDs do not last as long as videos, and you want to be able to get a new DVD burned if your old one stops working.

If you follow these suggestions then you can be sure that your wedding video is going to be the perfect reminder of an extra special day for years to come.

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