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plan your Tuscan weddingPicturesque panoramas, elegant villas and castles. Delicious food and wonderful places to visit. Tuscany is one of most interesting place in Italy to visit and get married!



A wedding is a day many were waiting for years. It is a day of celebration of love and relationships. And so to make it truly memorable, the wedding needs special setting. As a wedding location specialists we always do our best to deliver you best services in most mesmerizing places in Italy. And is there a place more romantic and charming than Tuscany? Discover why Tuscany is such a wonderful place to get married!

A picturesque wedding

Arezzo Churches

If you are planning to have your wedding somewhere special, romantic and charming Tuscany is probably the best place. For centuries this it was considered one of most beautiful Italian regions, being an inspiration for painters, sculptors and writers. Greens of the land, yellows of characteristic sunflowers and blues of Tuscan sky itself paint a perfect picture to where to set your wedding. The lovely gentle hills covered with juicy green grass with sole farmhouses sitting atop. Vast farmlands cultivating olive trees and vineyards, providing grapes for the production of famous Tuscan vines.

Country house, villas castles…

Tuscany hills

Tuscany is perfect place if you are looking for a special wedding venue: the difference and number of wedding venues in this wonderful region is quite striking. Starting from big cities with their luxury 5 star hotels, elegant parks with villas, slopes crowned by castles or charming countryside with all its calmness and farmhouses. A wonderful stay in historical location, surrounded by nature and modern comforts will great treat for you and your groom after those stressful preparation period! And surely your guests will appreciate some days in such lovely, peaceful and beautiful ambience.

Culture and art

art in Tuscany

Tuscany as well as being most romantic, was always considered the most cultural region in Europe. In fact it was here where the Renaissance takes its origins. Especially the beautiful  Florence, which has a long and unique artistic history, as well as probably the largest collection of renaissance’s art and architecture. With the history of this picturesque city are connected surnames such as Giotto, Donatello, and of course the geniuses Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. A perfect place for cultural trips, the region has several museums housing innumerable and precious pieces of art. The best know of those museums is the Uffizi, which history dates back to 1560. The Uffizi Gallery is one of most visited places in Florence, with its treasures bring thousands of tourist every day, sometimes queuing for ticket for hours.

Simple and hearty reception

Tuscan food and wine

While organizing your wedding you surely give much attention to the reception and menu. If you decide Tuscan wedding be sure that the food served will surprise all your wedding party. Simplicity combined with fresh locally grown products and above all tradition decide about Tuscan cuisine unforgettable flavors. With simple ingredients such as legumes, vegetables and grains chefs will bring to your tables the Tuscan countryside. The Fiorentina steak, white truffles from San Miniato, delicious game and of course olives are just few example of this simple but how rich and delicious cuisine. Being a region of vast vineyards, Tuscany will provide your table with large variety of wines to accompany the dishes and to toast the happy couple.


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