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Locations range from grand hotels to sun-soaked beaches, beautiful religious buildings to chic restaurants, rustic farm houses to historic castles, villas and even sites of historical interest. With all of this choice, how do you come to a decision? Well we are here to help and advise you every step of the way.

With over 20 years of passion and experience, DreamWeddingItaly can offer you a wide range of the best choices, treating your wedding day as more than the exchanging of vows, but as an event symbolising the love you share with your partner and celebrating this with your nearest and dearest.
Before you go ahead and book the location of your dreams, close your eyes and imagine just what your wedding would look like. Where is it set? in a fairytale castle, a contemporary banquet hall, a green and sunny garden or a white sandy beach?
It is your wedding, and your style can be pretty much anything you wish for, from traditional to contemporary, from romantic to fun, but your vision of your wedding day is all that counts, so, ask yourself these very important questions:

Is my ideal wedding...

  • Traditional
  • Contemporay
  • Quirky

TRADITIONAL weddings are best suited to more classical locations for wedding receptions such as hotel banquet halls and beautiful villas. Here you can be waited on hand and foot, and recreate your dreams of a grand wedding.

CONTEMPORARY weddings are often a little less formal and more minimalist. Simple lines and contrasting colours are often integral to this style, so a simple, elegant venue is best. A modern hotel or villa would work for larger weddings, wheras a smaller wedding might be held in a fashionable wine-bar or restaurant.

QUIRKY weddings allow you to be creative with your location. The perfect venue might be indoors or out, large or small, modern or old and atmospheric. These weddings usually have a taste of the unusual and tend to be relatively informal.

I want the overall style to be...

  • elegant
  • themed
  • casual

ELEGANT weddings:  the classical white wedding will usually be fairly formal. It may or may not be a religious service, but the reception is highly likely to take place in a grand setting such as a hotel or the banquet hall of a castle. If this is the wedding you are looking for, be careful to look for something classical and timeless.

THEMED weddings can take place anywhere - depending on the theme, of course! Some themes are easily adaptable to all sorts of locations, e.g. a floral theme; others, such as a beach theme, which has to take place on a beach, or a halloween theme, which would be best suited to an old castle, have specific places that match them perfectly. Imagine where your theme would look best, and look up images online for inspiration.

CASUAL weddings might look out of place in a grand hall or posh hotel, but are great for outdoors or for trying something a little different. Vineyards, farmhouses, beaches and chic restaurants are just a few of the possible choices for those who just want to have fun.

I want to invite...

  • just close friends and family
  • my extended family and lots of friends
  • everyone I know!

JUST CLOSE FRIENDS AND FAMILY won't fill a huge banquet hall or a medieval castle, so be careful with the size of your venue - you don't want it to look empty!

A LARGER PARTY, of up to about about 50 guests will fill a small hall nicely, or perhaps you could rent out a restaurant or a chic cocktail lounge.

FOR THE PARTY OF THE YEAR you have to make sure your guests will all fit - comfortably! A large hotel banquet hall, a castle or villa,a spacious farmhouse or even an outdoor venue like a beach or garden would be perfect for this size of party.

I want the reception to be...

  • a formal meal with dancing
  • a casual dinner party
  • a cocktail party

A FORMAL MEAL WITH DANCING is a fairly traditional style of reception best suited to a hotel or restaurant, or perhaps a catered villa, as waiting staff and a kitchen will be needed, as will as dancefloor. As this is also likely to be a more formal style of wedding, an elegant setting is fitting.

A CASUAL DINNER PARTY is particularly apt for less traditional locations and delicious buffets are always appreciated by guests.
For an outdoor wedding on a beach or in a garden a picnic or barbeque might be particlarly well suited.

A COCKTAIL PARTY is a chic choice, suited to fashionable bars, contemporary restaurants and more unusual locations such as art galleries or places of historical interest. Although a full dinner may not feel appropriate, canapés are always appreciated by all.

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