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italian old Fiat 500 cute wedding carItalian cars and modes of transport are among some of the most famous of all time, and this beautiful country has produced some unforgettable and inimitable automobiles. Whether you are looking for something classic and elegant, something sporty and fast to make an impact or for something a little bit original, Italy has the right car for you.

So if you want to arrive at your wedding in Italian style, or even just rent a car (or a Vespa!) to explore Italy on your honeymoon or romantic break, then you are bound to find something to suit your tastes.


Maserati GTMaserati

Maserati has produced some of the most beautiful, classic cars in the world, and these vehicles have an inimitable elegance and class that is bound to add something special to your wedding day arrival.
Established by the Maserati brothers in December 1914, this Modena based manufacturer is most often associated with another two Italian greats, Ferrari and Alpha Romeo. Less flamboyant than Ferrari yet sportier than the average Alpha, the Maserati models include the Quattroporte, a sleek, luxury sedan, the GranTurismo, a classy, powerful little coupé and the GranTurismo Cabrio, the Cabriolet version of the above.

Ferrari 458 ItaliaFerrari

The epitome of the Italian sports car, the Ferrari is unmistakable for the sound of its engine, known in Italy as the Rombo Ferrari  or Ferrari Roar which is bound to turn heads as you go zooming past! Ferrari was founded by Alfa Romeo racing car driver and manager Enzo Ferrari in 1947, concentrating on high performance racing cars emblazoned with the symbolic prancing horse still gracing the Ferrari models of today. The ultimate rush for adrenaline junkies, any model of Ferrari be it a classic such as the Berlinetta with its rounded lines reminiscent of the 1950’s or a deliciously sleek, modern sports car like the 2007 612 Sessanta will be sure to attract the admiration of guests and locals alike

Lambo GallardoLamborghini

The history of the Lamborghini is perhaps the most intriguing of all. Legend has it that the tractor manufacturer form Modena, Ferruccio Lamborghini, went to Ferrari frustrated with a problem his car was presenting. Dismissed as a country bumpkin who knew nothing of performance cars he went away determined to prove that whatever Ferrari could do, Lamborghini could do better. Thus the very first Lamborghini, the 350 GT, was born, shocking companies like Maserati and Ferrari with its styling and performance.
It was ahead of its time and aggressively styles, just like the more recent Lamborghini Murcielago, the ultimate wide, low sports car and the equally sharp Gallardo. Lamborghini makes sports cars like no other company in the world, so driving one of these around on your honeymoon or to your wedding is like a dream come true for car fanatics!

Alfa Romeo spyderAlfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo, founded in Milan in 1910 is symbolic of the innovative design and concepts central to the Italian automotive industry. Boosted by the management of Enzo Ferrari, the man who later went on to found Ferrari itself. Alfa found its niche in creating elegant cars which inspired passion in drivers from all over the world. Classics like the Spider or the 6C Touring are perfect for arriving at your wedding in absolutely perfect Italian style, while modern models such as the 152, 147 or the new kid on the block, the stylish Alfa Mito (meaning legend) are great for scooting around Italy with your loved one.

nuova 500Fiat

You simply cannot talk about Italian cars without mentioning Fiat... In particular, Fiat is famous for its range of small, quirky cars that made driving accessible to a whole new part of Italian society. In particular the classic Fiat Topolino (meaning “little mouse”) which can fit in the boot of a modern day SUV and the symbolic Fiat 500, recently revamped for the 21st century but as quirky and cute as ever and just as famous. So if you want to go all out Italian style in a cute and offbeat way, then why not arrive at your wedding in one of these nippy little classics? It will make your guest’s day and result in some fantastic photos as well as adding a real Italian feel to your wedding day transport.


The Fiat 500 is quirky, but for something really offbeat look no further than Piaggio! This company is most famous for producing that Italian emblem the Vespa, and its agricultural cousin the Ape Cart.
The Vespa allowed many Italians who previously had no form of personal transport to get around. Even today, many families have one car and several Vespas on which to get around, and driving in Italian cities is all the more eventful because of it!
Can you imagine anything more liberating (or Italian for that matter) than turning up for your wedding on the back of a Vespa, arms around your loved one? Or for a countryside do, keep in theme by chugging around in an Ape, making your arrival both surprising and unforgettable.

So if you fancy a true Italian style arrival for your wedding in Italy, be it an elegant, modern, trendy or quirky celebration, why not pick one of the above options and really impress your guests?

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