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children entertainmentFor children, sitting still and being on their best behaviour through a wedding ceremony and reception can be very tiring and they can often start to act up. After all, boredom can turn even the most angelic of kids into a walking (running, screaming, messy) nightmare!

Many couples decide not to invite children to their wedding at all, and if you do decide to go down this route then make sure that you state it clearly on all wedding invitations, and to call up guests with kids and explain your reasons. You can always cite space restrictions of lack of childcare availability at your chosen venue. Be prepared, however, for some guests to find it hard to understand why you aren’t inviting their little darlings. If you do decide to invite kids however, then no fear! We have some great ideas to keep them occupied and ensure they stay sweet throughout the day, allowing you and the kids both to enjoy the big day and also keep their parents happy!

Give child friendly favours

The kids will really appreciate it if you hand out favours they will be able to enjoy. This can be anything from sweets and snacks to toys and other small gifts to keep them occupied. This also stops them from feeling left out when they see their parents and the other grown-ups with their more sophisticated gifts!

Get them involved!

There are of course the traditional roles of flower girl and ring bearer, but if you try to give the other kids something to take care of (under the watchful eye of an adult, of course) then they are likely to be too excited about playing their part to be disruptive. Older children can be given disposable cameras and be asked act as family photographers, and have younger children in charge of the confetti throwing – just make sure they don’t start throwing it before the time is right! At the reception, you can get the kids to help people find their tables, and even to hand out favours.

Have a child friendly space

If you can afford it, rent a separate playroom in your wedding venue and perhaps get a childminder or two in during the reception. A cheaper alternative is to set up a child friendly table at the back of the room with activities such as colouring in and boxes of toys. Older children might even appreciate sitting with their peers for the meal rather than with their parents, but this is up to you.

Have some fun activities

These will be popular with kids of all ages. From bouncy castles to kite flying, art competitions to making your own cocktails – non alcoholic for the kids of course – there is no shortage of things people can get up to at your reception, be it indoors or out.

Make sure they have a food choice

Many children will prefer a kids menu, but not all. Make sure they have the choice of eating what the adults do or taking the children’s option.

Put on Kids entertainment

If you have a large space or a separate room then this is a particularly good idea. Whether it’s a full on magic show or a clown to keep them occupied, or an area with comfortable seating where they can sit and watch DVDs, this is bound to keep them quiet.

So, if you are inviting children to your wedding, these are just a few ideas to keep them occupied. Why not contact your chosen location and ask them what kind of entertainment they might be able to provide for you, or to propose some of your own ideas?

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