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honeymoon in ItalyYour honeymoon is the perfect opportunity to have the holiday of your dreams, and coming to Italy will allow you to do this.
With plenty to see and do, and a warm, Mediterranean atmosphere the air of Italy is infused with romance, making it the perfect place for your honeymoon break.
But what makes honeymoons in Italy so special?

1 - Breakfast in bed

When you are on holiday there is nothing better than being served hand and foot, and at no time do you deserve this more than on your honeymoon... so call for room service! Breakfast in Italy is usually a delicious mix of delectably buttery pastries, wonderfully aromatic coffee and fresh seasonal fruits... so get stuck in and snuggle up for a lazy morning!

2 - Sleep in until late

relax and sleep until lateThe rest of the year is hectic, you have to work during the week and at the weekend you have so much to do that you don’t get a moment’s rest, let alone time for a lie in... sound familiar? Not on your honeymoon! One of the greatest pleasures of being on your honeymoon is being able to get up when you want, and with the sumptuous, oh-so comfortable rooms and suites on offer at our top honeymoon locations in Italy you might be tempted not to bother getting up at all!

3 - Calories don't count!

Italy, the land of the best cuisine in the world and such a huge variety of things to choose from. Old favourites such as pasta, pizza and tiramisu are on the menu alongside less well known but equally tasty dishes such as sticky Sicilian rice balls, arancini, marinated anchovies and the delicate, fragrant desert delizia al limone. The great thing is, Italian food is generally healthy as well as tasty so you can eat plenty of it – after all, the Mediterranean diet is meant to be one of the healthiest in the world. That, and that fact that calories consumed on your honeymoon don’t count (diet rule number 412) mean that this can be the most gourmet trip you have ever been on.

4 - Be waited on hand and foot

hotel serviceIt’s your honeymoon, it’s your time to be spoilt. All of our locations care deeply about your enjoyment and relaxation  on your honeymoon, so you should have no problem finding all of the services and luxuries you could possibly dream of. Want a relaxing massage? A champagne breakfast? Cocktails by the pool? Just take your pick from one of our beautiful locations in Italy and ask them for whatever it is you desire and they will be only too happy to oblige.

5 - Your favourite activities

Whatever it is that you enjoy doing the most, Italy is a diverse country with so much to do that you are bound to find something to suit you. If you enjoy lying on a beach and catching the rays, then one of the beautiful stretches of coastline may be for you. If you love shopping and visiting hip bars in the best parts of town, then one of Italy’s many cosmopolitan cities could be just right. If you’d prefer to get lost in nature, then the Italian lakes, the mountains or one of the country’s many national parks will be a dream come true. And if you like to eat, the food and wine will be excellent no matter what honeymoon destination you choose. It’s up to you – just decide what kind of honeymoon you want, and take your pick from one of our beautiful locations for the break of a lifetime.

6 - Exploring your dream destination

explore your dream destinationOne of the great things about a honeymoon abroad is that it can be a journey of discovery in so many ways. You can discover new places, new cultures and new flavours as well as the beginnings of married life, and Italy is a wonderful place for this as there is so much to explore. With its rich culture and history as well as some of the most beautiful landscapes and famous cities in the world, Italy is a wonderful place to travel with your beloved.

7 - Tasting the local wine

Italy was once called Oenatria, the land of wine, by the Ancient Greeks – and with good reason. Italy is the world’s largest wine producer, and whether you like white, red, rosé, bubbly or all four it also has some of the best wine’s you could ever hope to taste. Every area of Italy has its own local speciality, so don’t feel you have to stick to Pinot Grigio or Chianti, experiment! Depending on where you choose for your honeymoon you can even visit a vineyard or a wine cellar to see how wine is made and kept, or go on a wine tasting course to really impress friends and family on your return.

8 - Free stuff!

get your special treatment while you stay in ItalyWhen you are on your honeymoon, it is usually enough to mention it to the hotel owner, waiter or barman to get that touch of extra special treatment which makes your honeymoon even more exceptional. Whether it is an upgrade on the plane, a free bottle of wine in a restaurant or the room with the best view in the hotel, the fact is the people like to help honeymooners enjoy their break. In addition, if you register with us you receive the exclusive Dream Wedding e-card which guarantees you a free gift or upgrade at any of our wonderful locations. You will also gain access to exclusive promotions in locations to take your breath away.

9 - Privacy!

The whole point of your honeymoon is to spend time together and get some much needed privacy after the social highlight that your wedding and the entire planning process most likely was. Our locations can guarantee the utmost privacy in complete comfort and luxury. In addition, many places in Italy are extremely romantic, giving you the chance to enjoy a break together, free from interruptions and the stresses of daily life.

10 - You are together

enjoy your time in ItalyThis is the most important point of all. This is your honeymoon, your chance to really celebrate life together and enjoy each other’s company. All the things mentioned above are rendered extra special by the fact that you are sharing them with each other. Everything else is just a plus!




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