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planning a wedding in ItalyAn Italian wedding... how much does it cost? The answer is, as much as you want it to! Like a marriage anywhere, how much you need to spend depends on the services and packages that you choose. How do you make your Euros stretch further though?

1 - Devise a budget... and stick to it!

It can be hard to set a budget for your wedding when you are not sure what you can afford and what everything costs, but it is absolutely essential to prevent financial stress from marring the event. To set your budget, you will need to confront the always uncomfortable issue of money with the families to understand what everyone can and is willing to contribute.   Once you know how much you want to spend in total you can begin to allocate chunks of your funds to different aspects of the wedding.
After this KEEP TRACK. There are many ways of doing this, from software to spreadsheets, to scribbling it down on your budget planner, but it is all important to make sure your spending does not get out of hand. It may even be worth having a separate bank account for your wedding to make sure it does not cut into your monthly spending money!

2 - Decide what you are going to pay for... and what you simply can’t afford to cover.

For example, are you going to foot the bill for guests to fly out to Italy? Accommodation? Are you going to have a lot of guests,  just close friends and family or no guests at all? What kind of favours are you going to pay for? What services are absolutely necessary and which can be reduced or left out? All of these are bound to make an impact on how much you spend. Just remember that some guests may not make it out for your wedding in Italy due to time or financial constraints, so you may want to hold a small party at home before or afterwards to include them in the celebrations.

3 - Look at when you want to get married.

The season is very important wherever you decide to say “I do”, but if you are planning on an Italian wedding it is even more so. Prices get much higher in the summer, and availability is reduced. In addition, if you are looking at flights and accommodation bear in mind that this will be more expensive as well. If you are looking for the sun, but have a lower budget, avoid August and try for late Spring or early Autumn/Fall, as most places in Italy will still have good weather at this time. Also consider getting married on a weekday, as weekends, and particularly Saturdays are dearer.

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So, you may have to take some different things into consideration when thinking about your budget for your wedding in Italy, but with the right care and attention you can organise your dream day whatever the budget.

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