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wedding photographyChoosing a wedding photographer is often something that is taken for granted and left until the last minute - big mistake! If you want something to truly remember your wedding day by, then a good quality photographer is of the utmost importance.
You may not be sure of what kind of photography you want, or of what to look out for when choosing a photographer. For this reason we have put together this series of tips to help you.

1 - Start looking early

The best wedding photographers, like the best wedding venues, get booked up fast; especially if you have chosen to get married at a popular time, such as Summer or during holidays. Make appointments to see, or,  if this is not possible, to speak to various photographers and ask to see their work. This work must largely consist of wedding photos,  as these are the ones that will show you the likely results from your wedding. Be sure that the photographer you meet is going to be the one at your wedding, and not another one working for the same studio.

Aside from this, things to ask include:

  • Have they ever photographed a wedding at your chosen location?
  • Do they have an assistant?
  • How long will they stay for on the day?
  • Who keeps the negatives?
  • Are the proofs marked? If so, where and how?
  • How are they going to dress for the day?
  • How do the deposits and payments work?
  • How long before you get the photos?
  • Exactly what is included in the price?

Ask these questions to our Dream Wedding Photographers!

2 - Choose a style

There are a variety of different styles of wedding photography to choose from, and you have to decide what style reflects your personalities and the way you wish to remember your wedding the best:


photojournalism style wedding photography

This is a popular style which focuses on action, spontaneity and  on capturing authentic moments and emotions. There are no posed shots, and the photographer achieves natural photographs by not imposing on the couple or the guests.


traditional wedding photography

As the name suggests, this style is more about the classical, posed shots and group photos. This kind of photography allows you to decide what photos you want with the photographer and to set them up so you look immaculate.


mixed style wedding photography

Many photographers suggest a mix of styles, with traditional shots meaning nothing is missed and photojournalism style photography throughout the day capturing the authenticity of the moment.


artistic wedding photography

Artistic photos are often altered to show fantastic backgrounds, different colours and atmospheric effects. These photos are great as focal points, but you might not want your whole album in this style!

Our team of professional wedding photographers can help you with the choice of your wedding photo style!

3 - Check the Contract

First of all, you want to make sure that there is a contract so that you aren’t left high and dry on your wedding day. Secondly, read it carefully before signing, and make sure you know what is included in the price and the package. If your contract is in Italian, it is certainly worth getting a trusted Italian speaker to look at it or even getting it translated professionally before you sign.

4 - The wish list

Before the wedding, go over the photos you definitely want with your photographer to avoid disappointment after the event.  This way, your photographer will want to know what moments to look out for during the day rather than second guessing.

5 - The Big Day

On your wedding day, the most important thing to do is relax and enjoy yourself - don’t worry, your photographer will know how to make sure you look good in your photos! That said, many photos  may be worth taking before the ceremony while everyone is still fresh, and it is a good idea to have someone in the bridal party keep hold of some supplies for you to freshen up with.

Take a look at our Dream Wedding Photographers' gallery to have an idea of how magic can be your wedding photo book!

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