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table planningDeciding where your guests are going to sit might sound easy, but once you sit down to decide it can become more complicated than it seems!
You have to consider keeping couples and families together, avoiding having single gender tables, avoiding isolating singles or people who don’t know the rest of your guests very well, putting people with common interests together, making sure Granny can hear the speeches...  but it doesn’t have to be stressful! Follow our advice for trouble free seating.

You may want to consider free seating to escape the decision making process, but this isn’t always a good idea - particularly for larger wedding parties. You may end up with guests milling around, looking for a chair, and others who know each other forming groups which unintentionally exclude other guests. There is also the risk that guests will ruin your beautiful decor by throwing coats over chairs to reserve them!
So, unless you are sure you can trust all of your guests to behave themselves, you may want to assign seating, or at the very least, table numbers...

Consider the speeches...

Those making them should not have their backs to people. Aside from this, you will have to make sure that elderly guests, the short sighted and the hard of hearing are near enough to see and hear what is going on.
Be sure to place pregnant, elderly or disabled guests as well as those with small children somewhere they have easy access to the bathrooms and exits.

Consider naming the tables rather than numbering them

Tables named after favourite films, places you have been or flowers sound far more romantic than numbers and also avoid discussions between guests about why one person was at table two while another was at table nine.

Make sure to discuss any issues about who will be sitting at the top table before the wedding

To avoid this entirely, you might choose a “sweetheart table” just for the bride and groom, while leaving empty chairs at each table so the couple can mingle with the guests.

Make sure you have help!

Get some people who know the guests very well to help you, for example if you do not know some of your fiancés invitees, get him or his mother to advise on who you can place together safely as well as combinations to avoid!

Most of all, just relax and enjoy

People are only confined to their seats for the meal, and the majority of the time they will be able to move around. Follow the simple rules above, and you should have a trouble free wedding meal.



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