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bride and groom on scooterYou have always dreamed of your big day in the Mediterranean sun, but you have to organise your wedding on a shoestring and are concerned that you will have to stay closer to home. Well its your wedding day, and if getting married in Italy is important to you then we have many ways in which you can save some money and still have a great day.



The Dress

The dress is perhaps the thing that brides dream about, obsess about and worry about the most, but it can also be very expensive. There are a number of ways to cut down on spending on your dress without sacrificing style however...
The high street now has a range of elegant, beautiful and attractive bridal gowns to choose from, giving more expensive designers a run for their money. Daring brides might even decide to forgot the traditional big white gown in favour of a cocktail or prom dress!
If your heart is set on a designer style outfit, you have three options: you can either go to vintage shops and look for originals, search on ebay for brides selling their dresses (a surprising number!) or hire a seamstress to recreate your favourite style for you.
To save money in a sentimental way you might even consider using your mother’s or grandmother’s dress if you like the style. You may have to get it altered, but it is a lot cheaper than buying new!

The Transport

Getting to Italy and back with all of your guests is a big worry for those wishing to get married in Italy. It needn’t be a big problem though, as long as you book in advance - you can save hundreds of Euros just by booking six months ahead, and there are now low cost airlines doing both short hops and long hauls into Italy’s major airports.
When looking at transport to and from your chosen location, look for venues offering shuttle services and, if not, think about hiring a bus to take your guests longer distances as this can be excellent value for money. It is not unusual for the Italians to walk from the ceremony venue to the reception venue, so you might want to try this custom out, and if you want to arrive in Italian style think about renting out a cute little Fiat or even a Vespa, as this will be much cheaper (and more original!) than a classic car or limousine.

The Favours

Forget commercialised favours and give something simple and personal. Depending on the number of guests you may be able to hand make things such as photoframes with a picture of the two of you, or even homemade candy treats in tulle bags as alternatives to traditional Jordan Almonds. Whatever you do, consider that if you choose to make favours at home and bring them to Italy, you will also have consider transporting them.

The Photography

We would not advise you to skimp on photography, particularly for the ceremony and the main wedding photos where you will want to catch all of those special moments. If you can only afford a couple of hours of photography service however, you can provide your guests with disposable cameras to take snaps after the professionals have gone, and you can create a second album with these. Ok, they won’t be as polished  but at least you will have professional photographs of the wedding as well as original extras.

The Music

DJs and musicians can be expensive whatever way you look at it. So what to do? Unless you know someone who is particularly talented and is willing to play through the reception, you may want to consider a more relaxed method. Burn CDs for different points in the day, such as the ceremony, cocktail party, dinner and dancing or use playlists on your Ipod or MP3 player. You will be forever popular with guests if you ask them to bring their Ipods to plug into the system – that is if their taste in music isn’t too dramatically different to yours!

The Venue

Probably the biggest expense at any wedding is the venue, but there are things you can do to reduce costs. First of all, consider booking a week day. Weekends are far more expensive, especially Saturdays. You might also consider booking out of season - a beach venue in December probably isn’t the best idea, but it is bound to be cheaper in September or May than in July and August. The size of the venue also matters, as if you want exclusive use of part or all of it you have to pay for the whole thing no matter what the size of your party.
Last but not least, remember that booking your wedding location with Dream Wedding entitles you to special offers, complimentary gifts and discounts making your wedding day extra special without denting your budget.

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