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groom clothingThere is a plethora of wedding advice all over the internet, but much of it is aimed at the bride - weddings are generally thought of as “girly” which is a bit strange when you consider the vital role of the groom!
For this reason we have some advice for the man on the big day...


Before the wedding

Your friends, male and female alike, will probably advise you to leave the planning to her. That’s fair enough to a certain extent as some of the details (the colour of the napkins, the flowers, the decoration of the cake...) are probably more important and interesting to her than they are to you. However, where you feel strongly about an aspect of planning, you should speak up – this is your wedding too, after all! She will probably be thankful if you take the pressure off her, as she will have a lot to do. Why not offer to take over the rehearsal party, sort out the wedding music, the photographer, the guest list or the celebrant? You never know, you might even find yourself having fun - just don’t become a groomzilla!

On the day

Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy yourself. On the morning of the wedding this may seem easier said than done, but you have to be able to enjoy this unique day! Remind yourself of how much you love your fiancée, how much fun the party and the honeymoon are going to be, and most of all that this day is a cause for celebration – no matter what happens.
Don’t worry about the speech either. Keep it brief and straight to the point, nobody is expecting you to become a stand-up comedian, as if it’s anyone’s job to make the guests laugh, it’s the best man!

After the event

The honeymoon should be your chance to relax and recharge your batteries while getting used to your new status as a married man. Enjoy the perks of being on your honeymoon (free stuff!) and forget about the “real world” for a while.
When you get back from your honeymoon don’t worry about it if it feels like an anticlimax - it’s normal! Just concentrate on enjoying your life with your new wife, and you will soon be looking back on your wedding day and wondering what on Earth you were so worried about.

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