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packing your bagSo it’s just about time to leave, and definitely time to pack… but wait, what to pack? What do I do with my wedding dress? What do I need to take with me? How am I going to fit it in my suitcase? Stop! Don’t panic! Get your packing done quick then relax with your favourite tipple, and look forward to an incredible experience.


1 - What to pack?

All your wedding necessities! Anything that has been provided back home has to make it out to Italy in one piece, which is the main reason we suggest sourcing as much as possible at the destination. Things you will likely have to take with you include clothing (especially the wedding dress and the groom’s clothes), the wedding rings, copies of all of your legal documents, underwear, your address book and cell phone in case of emergencies and travel toiletries. Other things we suggest you take with you include sunscreen, which can be very expensive in Italy, and emergency medical supplies including plasters, aspirin and any prescription medication. You can view our comprehensive checklist here.

2 - How to pack it?

This might sound obvious, but get it wrong and you’ll find yourself sitting on your suitcase trying to get it closed instead of zipping it up neatly and easily. Not only that but you risk crushing or destroying delicate or fragile items in the process. To avoid this, roll up wrinkle resistant items (cotton T-shirts, jeans, swimsuits etc) and line the bottom of the suitcase with them. Next, add anything fragile or rigid such as toiletries and shoes so that they will be protected in the middle of the case. Then, add the rest of your clothes, carefully folded, on top in layers, starting with the longest garments first. Please remember to tape up your toiletries carefully to prevent disaster spillages!

3 - Wedding dress

Possibly the major worry of every destination bride is getting their dress to the wedding venue intact. The most important thing to remember is to try not to put your dress in the hold, as not only will it get creased and perhaps even damaged or lost (not a likely occurrence, but still possible). If you do have to put it in the hold, make sure it is in a hard box – you can request one from your dress shop – and securely closed. A far better option is to take it on the plane as hand luggage, although this will mean other people have to carry your conventional hand luggage supplies for you under new rules allowing only one piece of hand luggage per person, and that you have to take it through security. We advise calling the airline beforehand to ask if any arrangements can be made, and, if not, asking the air hostesses nicely if they can store the dress in their wardrobe area. Most will be happy to help!

4 - Wedding rings

Your wedding rings are another, very valuable thing that you want to keep safe when travelling. As hold luggage can get lost, we advise that you carry your wedding rings in your hand luggage BUT you must be very vigilant! Make sure you keep the bag with your rings in it in sight at all times, and think about putting a padlock on the pocket the rings are in.

5 - Insurance

Travelling with so many valuables can be nerve-wracking. As can the whole wedding process – what if it all goes wrong? We all hope it won’t happen, and thankfully it rarely does, but insurance is an absolute lifesaver in the event of disaster – be that stolen wedding rings, a problem with the wedding venue or double booked catering. It is definitely worth having!

6 - Notes on luggage allowance

With new rules on baggage allowance restricting what you can and can’t take on board it is important to check what restrictions each airline has on hand luggage, hold luggage and the transportation of items such as liquids, metals and razors.


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