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furry friendYou love your pet. You take him everywhere with you and you can’t imagine life without him. So why should he be excluded from the most important day of your life? The good news is, he doesn’t have to be, as there are ways and means to get him involved…
Dogs and cats can be transported fairly easily between countries within the Pet Passport union. So if your beloved pet falls into this category, you should be able to get him involved!

Dogs make popular ring bearers, large or small, and are often dressed up either in elaborate collars, wreaths of flowers or even miniature tuxes! There have also been cases where dogs have accompanied the bride down the aisle and even given her away alongside her Father (run this one by your Dad first!) or have been used as maid of honour or best man. You may not want to go that far and may just decide to have Fido present - all the same, you’ll feel better knowing he’s there.

Cats are often nervous around large numbers of people, so if you want Fluffy at your wedding day be sure to entrust him to someone he knows and trusts. If he is a placid character, you might be able to have the flower girl walk him up the aisle on a leash or have one of your bridesmaid’s carry him on a cushion.

If you do bring your own pet, then please make sure you are aware of the rules surrounding their import and export both in Italy and at home, as each country is different, and you don’t want your four legged friend to be refused entry or put into quarantine for the want of a missing stamp or signature. Also be aware that you will have to confirm with the venue that your pet will be welcome, and bear in mind that most places of worship do not allow the presence of animals.

Other animals can be involved at your wedding for effect, although you will not be able to transport them between countries. Horse loving couples might arrange a grand entrance on the back of a beautiful steed or in a traditional horse-drawn carriage for a dramatic entrance. Decorations might include aquariums or fish ponds full of brightly coloured aquatic life, and locations may have wildlife filled gardens for a wedding accompanied by the sweet sounds of birdsong. Whatever you choose, just make sure the animals are well looked after and handled properly and they could make a wonderful addition to your big day.

Your wedding should reflect your personalities and lives, so if you are both animal lovers then feel free to incorporate this into your big day. Just be careful to clear with all parties, especially customs on both sides, your vet and the venue to make sure everything goes smoothly.

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