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bridal lingerie - underwearMost of us go gaga over wedding dresses and love to look at them, try them on, touch them, photograph them and agonise over the perfect choice until we find the dress of our dreams. And why not? One aspect that is often neglected however, is the question of underwear. It has to look good, be invisible under your dress and be comfortable - there’s nothing worse than an itchy bra on your wedding day or a VPL (visible panty line) in your photos!

The underwear you need depends very much on the style of your dress – a column dress is going to require different lingerie to a ball gown. For this reason, never buy your underwear until you have bought your dress, and, if you can, try the underwear on under the dress to see how it looks. Here are our tips for the underwear to pick for different dress styles:

Underwear for A-line dresses

These dresses are snug on the torso before flaring out to a more or less dramatic skirt. The important thing here is to create a streamlined torso, and for this you can use a body suit or seamless underwear on the top half. As the top is tight, it may flatten a small bust so some padding might be necessary, whereas larger busted brides will need to ensure they have adequate support.

Ball gown (full skirted) dresses

The fairytale wedding dress par excellence, this kind of dress usually has a corset style or strapless top and then becomes a voluminous Cinderella style skirt. Under all those layers, anything goes, but you have to be careful with your top half. This style, if the top doesn’t have boning, can create support issues for fuller chests and a bustier is recommended!

Column dresses

The most unforgiving of dress styles, the column dress clings to every curve… and every lump and bump. If you have your heart set on a column dress but don’t quite have the figure of a Victoria’s Secret model, underwear can come to your rescue: Support pants and bodysuits may not be the most alluring of underwear, but they can smooth your silhouette and have you looking fabulous in that dress! Just make sure there are no lines to be seen through the fabric by going for seamless styles or wearing a slip over the underwear. The same rules apply for the mermaid dress, which also clings to your body for an ultra feminine shape.

Empire line dresses

An empire dress is tight around the bust before falling more loosely from there, emphasising the chest and flattering smaller busts. You will however need adequate support, and a balconette bra is the perfect shape to be neatly hidden under the fabric of the dress.

One shoulder dresses

Right on trend for 2010, one shoulder dresses create an underwear conundrum: you still need it, but how do you hide it? The answer is with a multiway bra, which allows you to remove straps or change their position to hide them beneath your dress.

Backless dresses

These create a similar problem to one-shoulder dresses, but it cannot be solved by moving the shoulder straps! There are some multiway bras that also allow you to create a special strap that goes around the waist or hips, depending on how much of your back is on show. Alternatively, you could use a backless body suit to ensure invisible support and contouring.

Remember that your underwear does not just have to be flattering, it also has to be comfortable - you are going to be wearing it all day, and you want to be able to enjoy yourself.

If you are concerned about the way you will look on your wedding night for your new husband, then you can always buy an extra set of sexy lingerie to change into in the bathroom! Bear all of this in mind when underwear shopping and you will find the perfect wedding underwear.

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