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Any couple who has decided to get married wants the day marking that occasion to be special, memorable and, well, perfect. With so many different wedding styles, ideas and themes around however, it can be hard to decide what you really want.

On Dream Wedding Italy you can find a range of ideas to suit you and your personal style, from traditional to contemporary, elegant to themed, casual to formal. Your wedding is uniquely yours, and only you can decide what style you want to go with. That said, we can of course help point you in the right direction!

Browse our site for ideas, locations and advice, and if you really aren’t sure what you want then you could try looking at plan your wedding section for inspiration, or maybe even take our quiz to see what kind of wedding might suit you.

Whatever you decide, with so many beautiful locations to choose from, there is bound to be something to suit you.

Perfect_scent_for_wedding_day“The perfume is the most intense form of the memory” find a special perfume which will always bring back to you the beauty and emotions of the big day!

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sparkiling_ring_thumbJust got engaged? You must be the happiest person in the world! The engagement party might be a great idea to celebrate and share this wonderful and important moment with all those dear to you.
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September_Wedding_Theme_thumb“I’m still looking, looking for the summer” Just as Chris Rea in his song, also we will look for summer! Bid a farewell to holidays with most charming wedding reception ever - Goodbye summer wedding theme.

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wedding_theme_guidelines_italyOn our website every month you can find inspirations for your wedding theme, and frankly there are so many of these that it might be difficult to decide on precise one.
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wedding_tossing_in_Italy_thumbThe tradition of tossing wedding bouquet is at least 6 hundred years old. But modern couples often step away from that tradition. Discover why not to toss your wonderful wedding bouquet and what to do instead and still having fun?
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