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wedding gift ideasIf you are getting married in Italy, then the chances are that your guests are all going to be travelling to get there. A fantastic way to show your appreciation for their coming out to participate in your special day is with out of town guest bags as a little surprise for your guests on arrival in their accommodation.

As your guests are probably travelling by plane, you have two choices of container really. You can give them something beautiful but disposable, which is a shame really, especially if you find something you really like, or you can choose something that is light and can be easily folded up in a suitcase or bag to take home. Options include bags or pouches made of tulle, organza or even paper. An idea is to personalise the bags either by printing details of your wedding on them or simply by choosing the colours to match your wedding theme.

The contents can be anything you want at all. Most gift bags include useful objects such as a local guide book, a bottle of water, a disposable camera and some tea and instant coffee along with a short thank you note.  Think about distance too: if they have travelled a long way a mini pampering kit will make them feel human again!

You may well find that you want to personalise the contents somewhat and there are many ways in which you might want to do this:

You can again look at your own wedding theme, and include goodies linked to it. For example if your colour theme is chocolate and cream you can add chocolate treats, a sachet of hot chocolate, and keep everything in keeping with your theme colours. If your wedding is based around jazz or another music genre, you can add a CD. If you are having a gourmet wedding you can add miniature wine bottles, olives and other treats.  The list goes on! Just get creative.
You might also want to look at the area you are staying in for inspiration. For example, if you are holding the wedding in Sorrento, a small bottle of limoncello would be perfect. On the Amalfi Coast, a notebook of Amalfi paper or a jar of colatatura di alici would be appropriate... as would wine in Tuscany and olive oli in Apulia. Every area in Italy has something that could be adapted in one way or another.

Whatever you choose, you know your friends better than anyone, and you know what they will appreciate. Your wedding day is bound to go off with a bang, and people will be in an even better mood after receiving an unexpected gift letting them know how much you care about them being there.

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