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fairytale wedding in ItalyIf you want your happy ever after to reflect the traditional fairytale wedding fantasy, and you have dreamt of your flowing white gown and elegant party in a dream wedding venue all of your life then Italy has plenty to offer in terms of landscapes, venues and atmosphere.
So you want to live the Cinderella dream? Why not! We have had a look at what we think you will need to consider to make your fairytale wedding a roaring success.

Location, Location, Location

We always advise our couples to choose the venue, first and foremost. This is especially important as it sets the scene for the day and dictates much of the style. If you are looking for a fairytale wedding your perfect venue is likely to be a castle. If you want to feel like a princess, there is nothing like a courtyard, manicured gardens, turrets and parapets to fulfil this desire. Aristocratic residences such as Palazzo Belmonte in Cilento, Castello Camemi in Sicily or Castello Odescalchi on the coast outside Rome are just perfect, as are atmospheric, medieval castles such as Castello Monaci in Apulia and Castello San Marco. For something extremely exclusive and a little bit different, you might want to look at something like Torre La Cerniola on the Amalfi Coast, which is an ancient tower complete with terraces over the sea.

The dress

A fairytale wedding dress is likely to be fairly traditional, rather than a trendy short, asymmetrical or colourful number. You can go for something light and flowing (sensible for the hot, humid summer months in Italy) or, if you are getting married in the cooler spring, autumn or winter you can go all out with acres of tulle and silk, and a long veil that will blow in the wind. Top it off with some elegant accessories and you’re good to go! Remember that glass slippers are rather uncomfortable however...

The decor

Your talking soft, draping fabrics, romantic lighting provided by candles, fairylights and tapers, and plenty of sweet smelling flowers. Fairylights and draped lengths of tulle or chiffon can soften and dress up any area, be it inside or out and they really give you that romantic effect, whereas the scent of the flowers will add to the heady atmosphere.

If you still aren’t sure, or would like some more advice on how to have a fairytale wedding , or any other kind of wedding in Italy, then please do not hesitate to contact us or out venues for more information. With everything that Italy has to offer, there is no better place for your happy ever after.

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