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confetti vs bubblesAs you leave the ceremony venue, newly declared man and wife, you are greeted by your nearest and dearest, throwing... What exactly? Alternatives to confetti do exist, it is simply a case of getting creative about what your guests can greet you with.

Before the invention of modern paper confetti, it was traditional to throw rice and other grains (ouch!) at the newlyweds as a symbol of fertility. People them moved on to throwing the less painful paper confetti we are used to today, although the tradition has been dying out somewhat due to the environmental impact and the fact that many venues do not appreciate the mess it makes! In Italy, interestingly enough, confetti are sugar covered almonds (Jordan Almonds) and what we know as confetti is known as coriandoli by the Italians.

So you don’t want to be pelted by rice, but you’re not keen on the paper idea either? We have a few alternatives for you...

1. Look to nature

Cones of rose petals at a summer wedding, fiery fallen leaves at an autumn do, fresh daisies for a springtime celebration and pieces of fabric or paper cut to resemble snowflakes, or snow itself if you feel brave, for a winter ceremony.

2. Think like a child...

If there is one thing that all children love, and always will love, it is blowing bubbles! These look fabulous in photographs and give a fun and romantic edge to your wedding day celebrations, allowing adults and children alike to have a bit of fun.

3. Back to the future

Rice and many forms of confetti are frowned upon because of the environmental impact, but there is an alternative that would hold with tradition and be eco-smart... birdseed! This is especially effective in a countryside setting as the birds will certainly follow and do the cleanup for you.

So if you decide you want to make a nod to tradition and be festooned with something as you leave the venue, then think outside the box for pretty, original and eco-friendly ideas!

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