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floral arrangementsIf you are a fan of beautiful blooms but want something a little out of the ordinary for your wedding day centrepieces, there are a variety of hot, on-trend options to consider that will allow you to incorporate florals while expressing your creativity...

Idea 1: A vintage mix

Vintage is where it’s at in the wedding world and it has been for a while. One of the amazing things about a vintage theme is that your idea of it looks completely different to another person’s take, practically guaranteeing individuality. To give your tables that stylish, just thrown together look, the receptacles shouldn’t match – get your wedding planner or venue to hunt down vintage vases, bowls and jugs in various colours and sizes and pair them with freshly cut local blooms for a truly original look.

Idea 2: Get creative with containers

Classic containers for floral arrangements at wedding receptions are of course vases. These come in all shapes and sizes, and using an unusual vase alone –i.e. a very tall, thin vase in coloured glass, or a round one lined with fruit slices- can be enough to give that touch of originality. If you are looking for something else however, then why not look at alternatives? You might want to use mason jars at a country wedding, fish bowls with blue glass beads to add a hint of blue to the water at a coastal reception or Plexiglas cubes and cylinders for a city chic look.

Idea 3: Rainbow coloured water

To add an extra blast of colour and interest to simple arrangements, you can put food colouring of all kinds of hues in the water. This adds jewel like flashes of colour, especially effective when placed near sources of light as they cast a tinted glow over everything. Be aware however that over time the food dye can also affect the colours of the flowers that are placed in it.

Idea 4:  Snow white

The big white wedding is back... with style! Pure white with just the odd flash of green from stems and leaves is a stunningly beautiful and effective scheme. For a modern twist on this oh-so traditional scheme, try using various shapes of white flowers, including tulips, roses, callas and daisies in various white containers such as teapots, vases, bowls and coffee cups. This takes an elegant and timeless idea, and puts a great twist on it.

Idea 5: Hanging gardens

Whether you use those miniature sample jam jars you get in hotels, test-tubes or something completely different there is something truly captivating about flowers suspended in the air in glittering containers looking like droplets of water... these can be suspended from the ceiling for an inside wedding or from the branches of trees to add magic to an outdoor reception.

The whole idea is to get inspired! Look at your venue, your dress, your surroundings and the season you are getting married in and your creativity will flow from there...

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