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wedding trends 2011: colourful shoes for weddingFor 2010-2011 one of the top trends for brides is all about the shoes! Forget boring, blocky. Uncomfortable white wedding shoes, and choose something to suit your own personal style – after all, if the rest of the wedding is all about you, then why not the shoes indeed?

White is timeless and classic it’s true, but what if you are not having a classic wedding? For a theme to look its best you really want all elements of the wedding to tie into it in one way or another, including your attire. So if your wedding is about being bright and colourful, then why not slip on a pair of brightly coloured shoes, à la Sarah Jessica Parker...


Vintage themes, especially 1950s and 60s weddings, really lend themselves to brightly coloured high heeled pumps, whether they be closed toe and covered in polka dots or peep toes with a vintage badge attached.

Ballerina flats

These are fantastic for tall brides as they don’t add any extra height, and being colourful they are still extra special for your wedding day. A major advantage of these is that they don’t make your feet hurt, so even if you have your heart set on high heels you could keep a pair of these babies in the same colour on hand for dancing at the reception.


Sandals, or more specifically, flat sandals, are perfect for a beach wedding celebration on the summer. They let your feet breathe and look really summery, as well as being comfortable to walk in on the sand. This year’s gladiator sandals that wind up your calf would also make a fun addition to some of the wedding day photos.

So why not take the plunge and go for a pair of brightly coloured shoes that truly pop and tie this in with the fun aspect of your wedding day celebrations.

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