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Hair style tips for bridesFlicking through the wedding magazines you could be forgiven for thinking that all brides must have long hair in order to look so beautiful and romantic on the day... well they don’t!
If you have short hair and prefer the way you look with short hair, then don’t feel you need to grow out your hair for all that time for just one day.
Remember, your fiancé is marrying YOU, and you want to look like yourself in the wedding photographs.

You have quite a few options with short hair on your wedding day... here are our suggestions:

The cut

This has to be the most important thing about a hairstyle, especially where the hair is short. You don’t have tresses to hide behind, so the cut becomes even more relevant, and you need to make sure you absolutely trust your stylist before he lets his scissors loose on your wedding day locks. For the cut itself, you can choose anything from a cute pixie crop to a classic bob, and a good stylist will find a way to make it look as special for your wedding as any long style could.

The colour

If you don’t want to grow your hair out but do want to look a bit different, then you might want to consider playing around with colour, especially if you are the adventurous type. We recommend that you do not attempt any dramatic changes right before your wedding however, and that if you are going to make a big change you experiment with a wig or a temporary dye beforehand to make sure that you like it. Also be sure to get your hair done a few days before the wedding so that you have time to rectify any errors. What colour you go is up to you, and short hair tends to pull off extremes better than longer locks, so if you want platinum blonde, blue-black or even bright pink then go ahead – as long as it fits with your personality and your wedding look.


This is probably the simplest and easiest way to dress up short hair and make it wedding ready. You can use anything from a simple tulle headband tied in a bow, to fresh flowers, to stick in hair gems, veils, hats, fascinators... the list goes on! Just get creative and you will find the right look for you!
It just goes to show that long isn’t always better when it comes to wedding hair, and that if you want to be yourself with a short haired style, then be yourself and rock that look!

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