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A vintage wedding is a great idea for so many different reasons. A vintage theme allows you to be original and memorable while still having an overall theme pulling the whole thing together. It is always elegant and glamorous, while still being brilliant fun, giving guests that extra thrill of dressing up for a special party.

vintage wedding inspiration

In addition, you can also go glam and go green by going for original vintage pieces rather than copies, saving carbon and raw materials used in production.

The only question you might have is this: What era should I choose?

The vintage era you choose depends very much on your personality, look and personal style. If you tend to be a bit of a rebel, then the 1920s flapper look might be right for you. If you are slender and like simple, elegant things then a 1930s wedding may be on the cards. A 1940s look is likely to be right for you if you are really into dancing and classic, feminine styles, and the 1950s is the era of choice for those who love glamour and dressing up. Here are a few of our ideas for a wedding to suit each of these eras...

1920s wedding

During the roaring twenties, parties were wild and the young and the beautiful were rebellious. For a look that is right on trend go for a flapper dress, accessorised with headbands and a feather boa. Your makeup should be dramatic, with dark eyes and a cupid’s bow design on the lips, as well as a pale yet flawless complexion.
The colours of the 20s were fairly neutral, with pale pink, peach and pale grey being perfect for just such a theme, adding a touch of elegance. The perfect venue is anywhere with a garden, terrace or ball room big enough for the guests and to be transformed, using candles and feathers. The food can be anything but must include canapés which were popular at the time, and the cake should be decorated with fresh cut roses. For drinks, rivers of champagne and a barman who knows how to make a good martini are a must!

1930s wedding

Wedding fashion in the 1930s was sleek and elegant, and women sought to create a graceful and slender figure. If you are lucky enough to have this kind of figure then go for something simple that hugs your figure all the way down and pair this with a pill box hat with netting in place of a veil, sleek hair pulled back from the face, rosy lips and natural foundation.
The venue can be done up in and Art Deco style, and art deco stencilling on the cake would look incredibly effective here too.

1940s wedding

Wedding dresses in the 1940s were simple and understated, with slim fitting skirt suits or drop shoulder dresses in satin being the most fashionable choices. Make up was equally understated, with natural beauty being the sought after ideal, and a fresh faced look with a dash of lipstick. Men generally wore pinstripe suits, but army uniforms were also worn regularly because of the war.
Weddings were often intimate affairs, with music and dancing being the most common form of entertainment. Decorations would have consisted of simple floral displays, and the cutting of the cake was the highlight of the day, and would have been enjoyed while drinking punch.

1950s wedding

In the 1950s there were two major dress shapes that were all the rage, that is to say the flared skirt and the more provocative pencil skirt. The waist was accentuated and femininity was the name of the game, so a sash around the dress (or a corset if you are feeling brave) would look perfect. Hair was curled, but not in the loose waves popular today – it was rigorously coiffed and sprayed – and coupled with liquid eyeliner for dramatic eyes and a striking lip colour, usually red.
Set up a candy buffet with old fashioned sweets such as pear drops, gobstoppers, humbugs and sour plums and decorate the venue in pretty pastel colours. For true 50s style, you could even arrange for a vintage Cadillac or Pontiac to transport you for your wedding day!

A Vintage wedding can be held anywhere,  and Italy certainly has the glamour and style to make it easier to pull off, so why not give it a try?

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