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If you are something of a fashionista, you may be undecided about what wedding look to go for. Or perhaps you are getting married in a church, but are having an informal beach barbeque reception with dancing on the sand and are having problems finding a dress that works for both settings... there are solutions, and they don’t necessarily mean breaking the bank!

Option 1: Buy two wedding dresses

This option might sound expensive but it doesn’t have to be, especially as the ceremony dress is likely to be the more formal option with a flirty, fun option as the reception dress. As a matter of fact, the reception dress does not even have to be a wedding dress at all... it can be a cocktail dress in white or, if you are feeling daring, a completely different colour! This means that you can wear it again and again, and you probably won’t spend a fortune on it to begin with either. It also means that if you are torn between a childhood dream of a big white wedding and the idea of something chic, modern and fun then you can get the best of both worlds and express both sides of your personality.

Option 2: Two wedding dresses in one

Some dress designers have cottoned on to this dilemma, which more and more modern brides are facing when choosing the perfect dress for their big day. Their innovative solution is the two in one convertible wedding dress, long for the ceremony and short for the dancing – you can clip and unclip these babies as many times as you want, giving you two hot, interchangeable looks for your big day without having to get your bridesmaids to help you change back and forth. The short skirt sits hidden under the long one, making this a practical option, especially considering the shorter version is perfect for theatre visits and posh dinners after the event.

Option 3: Design your own wedding dress

If the problem is that you know what kind of dress would suit your vision and be practical and fitting for all stages of your big day, then another option is to have the dress made for you. This might sound expensive, but going to your local dressmaker is often cheaper than buying a dress in a boutique, and guarantees that your wedding gown will be totally unique and fit you like a glove as well as being perfect for all aspects of your wedding day.
As you can see, there are options if your wedding ceremony and reception venues are worlds apart, and there is more than one method of satisfying the fashion-addict within you while fulfilling your childhood dreams – the whole point is to feel beautiful and have fun, so go ahead and enjoy dress shopping!

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