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Tuscan sunflowers wedding themeThe Tuscan fields, carpeted with nodding yellow sunflowers turning their faces to the sun have been the favourite subject of artists trying to depict the warm beauty of this region for a very long time. Bright, colourful and cheerful, the sunflower is not only beautiful to look at on the hills, but is also the perfect flower to base wedding flower arrangements or even an entire theme on.

The most obvious place to start is with the bouquet and floral arrangements. The bouquet and centrepieces can be made entirely of sunflowers for a simple yet effective summery feel, or other flowers in warm tones can be added. Flowers that work especially well are dahlias, daisies and some varieties of rose. Other touches that can be added include leaves, rosehips and various forms of twig for a rustic countryside feel.

Carrying on the theme through the decor is quite easy – make sure the accent colour is yellow, and add little sunflower themed touches throughout. For example, you could offer little bags of salted sunflower seeds as favours, have sunflower forms stencilled onto the cake and the wedding stationary and use sunflowers in boutonnieres. As the sunflower is quite big and ostentatious in its own bright and cheery way, you don’t not want to overdo it however and should be careful to leave room for some simplicity!

These sunny flowers are a happy addition to any summer or autumn wedding, and they are also very appropriate for celebrations in Tuscany. Why not have a warm and cheerful Italian wedding and use the bright face of the sunflower to set off your big day? It is bound to be a wedding remembered for how much fun everything looked and how everyone enjoyed themselves as these lovely flowers set the mood.

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