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wedding veil trends 2010Engagement, check. Wedding venue booked, check. Dream dress chosen, check. Veil... are you going to wear one? If so what kind? It can be hard to decide which veil to go for with all the trends that are currently out there...

In the past a veil was used as it was believed to protect the bride from evil spirits, and covered the face in order to do this. Nowadays, a bride can wear whatever kind of veil she wants, or even opt not to wear one at all. So how do you go about deciding what veil you want, if you are going to wear one? Well, for a start, look at your dress. In general, the more elaborate the dress is the less likely you are to need an elaborate veil, and some fancy dresses look better without a veil altogether. There are several types of veil to choose from, and those on trend at the moment are:

Mantilla Veil

Heralding from Spain, this is a long, elegant veil lined traditionally with lace but nowadays sometimes with ribbon or embroidery. The veil is fairly informal, and is generally dropped over the bride’s head in a relatively random fashion before being pinned in place.  Some brides are now also tying the veil around their heads as if it were a kind of bandana, leaving it trailing beautifully down the back. This kind of veil is gorgeous with silky, sexy dresses and halternecks as the sheer material provides a “now you see me, now you don’t kind of cover”.

Bird Cage Veil

This veil extends to just below the chin and is made of netting, either French, Russian or English. The difference here is in the netting size with the French weave being tightest and the English loosest. Birdcage veils are pinned to the bride’s hair using pins or hair clips, working well with long or short hair, and are beautiful with vintage, especially tea-length, wedding dress styles as well as a beautiful contrast to sleek, modern sheath styles.

Lace Veil

Extremely traditional and coming in many kinds of lace (Alençon, Chantilly, Burano) this is the perfect choice for a bride with classic style. These work very well for church weddings, and come in various lengths. The only word of warning is not to wear one with a lace dress or a gown made from something else elaborate as it could be a little OTT!

Embellished Veil

Embellished veils add a touch of sparkle to any bride’s outfit! Many veils are now being decorated with pearls and crystals, either along the border or scattered throughout the fabric. These veils are best with simple dresses for a modern wedding, although the longer ones can also work well with a princess style gown.

As you can see, there are many different options for your veil if you decide to wear one. Many brides are also opting for fascinators and other hair accessories, so if you decide that a veil is not your cup of tea, then you may consider one of these options.

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