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underwater vowsEvery couple is unique, so it follows that every wedding, and especially every wedding ceremony ought to be unique too. There are many different ways of doing this and making sure that your guests are all amazed and touched, rewarding you with the best compliment of all... “that was all so you!”

Exchange your vows in an unusual place

Adrenaline junkies? Exchange your vows with a bungee jump or skydive. Nature lovers? Have a symbolic ceremony in a natural park or even under the water. Art lovers? Try to get permission from an art gallery or museum to hold the ceremony there, or do your venue up with prints and replicas to look like one. There are just so many beautiful places to choose from in Italy, and you can get married in any of them – providing you get authorisation of course!

Write your own vows

Often, couples feel that the traditional vows just don’t suit who they are as a couple and they don’t feel totally comfortable using these words to declare eternal love and commitment to one another. An alternative is to write you own vows, either by yourselves or with the help of a professional wedding vow writer. This way your vows will reflect the way you feel about marriage and about each other, and you are sure to have your guests reaching for the hankies!

Have a ring warming

What is a ring warming I hear you ask... It is a ceremony that takes place during the wedding, right before the couple exchanges rings. The rings are passed from guest to guest, and are blessed or warmed with their hands to symbolise their love and support for the couple. This is a beautiful addition to a wedding ceremony, and in particular to smaller, intimate weddings – at a wedding with 500 plus guests it would take a little too long!

Choose your favourite music

Who says you have to walk down the aisle to the Wedding March? If you are a jazz, rock, rap or pop fan, use this kind of music, a song that really means something to both of you... this way it will be extra special and every time you hear it from then on, it won’t fail to make you both smile.

As you can see there are myriad ways of personalising the wedding ceremony and making it truly unique so that you and your guests will remember it like the special moment it is.

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