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autumn brideAutumn is a truly beautiful time to get married. With warm colours and crisp, cool evenings to enjoy, nights by the fire and the warm, rich flavours of autumn food, rather than getting down over the end of summer, why not celebrate an equally glorious season by having an autumn wedding inspired by the beauty of nature?

Deep burgundy, yellow ochre, burnished gold and flame orange are just some of the colours that can go into an autumn theme. To decide what to go for, just take a look at photographs of autumn leaves, and choose anything you like – nature is the best designer, and this is a foolproof way of getting a truly stunning combination.

When it comes to actually decorating the venue, you can even take advantage of nature’s plenty and use autumn leaves, acorns, twigs, berries and other naturally occurring things for a beautiful yet rustic appeal. Decorate your cake with a garland of autumn leaves instead of flowers, scatter nuts and autumn fruits around your centrepieces and use leaves and more in your bridal bouquet too for a warm fall feel.

Fabrics around the venue should be deeply coloured, warm and luxurious, and if there is a season where you can use really decadent design then it is autumn! If you are having an inside wedding, keep the lighting soft and use various glass colours as part of the decor to keep the feeling warm and cosy. If you are going to brave the elements, make sure that you have plenty of fairy lights and candles for flickering, romantic lighting... as well as an indoor alternative in case of bad weather. You might even want to have some decorative patterns carved into some pumpkins for an extra autumn touch!

The wedding menu in autumn is warm, comforting and delicious. In practical terms this means soups, roasts, stews and rich, warming pasta dishes such as lasagne. Autumn ingredients to look for in Italy include black and white truffles, delicious shaved over pasta with melted butter, and that other wonderful fungus the porcini mushroom which is fantastic served with both pasta and meat dishes for a rich, nutty flavour. Chestnuts and apples are also in season, and at this time of year the Italians regularly eat plenty of strong cheeses and cured meats, as well as game. The perfect autumn menu in Italy would be a warming pumpkin soup with truffle shavings or mixed Italian cheeses and cured meats, followed by pasta with porcini, roast pheasant stuffed with chestnuts and served with autumn greens, and finally a warming apple pie... Delicious!

Edible favours such as sugared chestnuts are also great for this time of year, and you can mark places with autumn apples with ribbons tied around them bearing the name of each guest.

Autumn gives you the opportunity for a beautiful and dramatic Italian wedding with a difference, offering a romantic alternative to a spring or summer wedding that your guests will remember forever, and all of the regions of Italy offer their own special charm  at this magical time of year.

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