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Frills and RufflesOne wedding dress trend that just screams femininity is frills and ruffles. For 2011 they are always elegant, never fussy and really dress up simple frocks or add an extra special touch to princess gowns to perfect your wedding day look.

Wedding dress trends come and go, but the one thing that most of the styles that come into fashion have in common is that they are feminine. After all, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to wear a big white dress, and even those that don’t opt for the traditional gowns still like to look at their womanly best.

Ruffles and frills are all over the catwalks for 2011, but the question is how to wear such a dress after so long seeing brides in simple column dresses? Especially for those brides with curves it can be daunting as many are afraid of drawing too much attention to their curves... so we have some tips for you.

Balance: As ruffles do add volume, they are best used to balance out any “problem” areas. Wear them on your top half if you are a pear shape, and on the bottom if you are top heavy to create the illusion of a sexy hourglass shape.
Moderation: Don’t overdo it! Just like accessories, you want the ruffles to add interest to you look, and if you overdo them you could find yourself drowning in a sea of fabric.

Simple lines and accessories: The rest of your look will need to be simple and clean so as not to look overdone, and this includes the ruffle-free parts of your dress, your accessories and your hair.

We believe that by following these tips, everyone can wear ruffles and look great on their wedding day – its just a case of knowing how to put the look together!

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