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makeup tips for your weddingEvery woman wants to look her best on her wedding day, from the dress that made you swoon the instant you tried it on, to the comfortable but gorgeous shoes, the perfect hairdo and glowing skin. Part of this look is makeup, as much of the focus during the day will be on your face, and one of the most important aspects of this is lipstick. Should you wear it? What kind? What shade? Glossy or matte? Glam or subtle? No fear, we are here to help...

The first thing to consider is the look that you are going for, and the look you wear every day. Most brides do not want to look like a totally different person on their wedding day, just a glammed up version of themselves. For this reason, if you would never, ever wear bright red lipstick for a night out on the tiles, you probably shouldn’t go for it on your wedding day either. Also consider your dress and your hair. A Hollywood glam mermaid style dress with immaculate curls will suit a full colour, glossy mouth more than a bohemian style silk sheath with a simple ‘do, which will look better with a nude mouth.

Equally important is your colouring. Many women think that they simply cannot wear red lipstick for example, but that is quite simply not true, unless they are self conscious about the shape or size of their lips for some reason. Every woman, no matter what her skin tone, can wear bright lipstick – it is just a case of finding the right colour for you.
Take a look at your skin tone – if it is warm, with yellow or olive undertones, then you can get away with orangey or bright red based lippies, if it is cool with pink or blue undertones then you can pull off plum or cool pink tones, whereas dark skinned ladies look incredible in deep plum, bronzed or chocolate toned reds.
If you are still not sure what shade to go for then head to your nearest department store and ask for a free makeover at one of the many counters, or consult a makeup artist for expert advice.

The final point to consider is the consistency of the lipstick. If you are dreaming of luscious, glossy lips (of any colour) beware! Lip colours that have a shine to them tend to be quite liquid and stay that way, meaning that they come away on whatever your lips touch, be that a champagne flute or your new husband’s lips... and the lipstick ends up everywhere apart from where it’s meant to be – on your mouth! You can now buy long lasting lipsticks that are usually matte in texture and which cling to your lips for far longer. You do need to prep though, by exfoliating and moisturising to give the lipstick a perfectly smooth base to start with – just make sure you remove all traces of other cosmetics before applying the lipstick however, as the pigment will bond to these instead of your lips!

Whatever look you want to go for, make sure you keep a stick of lippy with you, perhaps in your maid of honour’s purse, for top ups... and remember, if you are enjoying yourself, you will glow naturally!

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