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halloween wedding themesOctober is a wonderful time of year to get married, with the weather just starting to turn crisp, autumn foods such as apples, game, chestnuts and wild mushrooms forming the base for delicious meals and warm, intimate parties. One obvious theme for this time of the year is Halloween, loved by young and old alike for trick or treating, dressing up and a chance to eat sugary snacks without feeling guilty!

How do you incorporate the fun and the seasonality of Halloween into your wedding without resorting to clichés and risking looking tacky though?

Well there are ways of adding touches here and there without going over the top, and here are a few of them:

Leave the dressing up to the kids

Stick with classics for yourself and the bridal party, but encourage the flower girls and page boys to dress up, as well as any other younger guests. This gives your wedding a boost in the cute factor and also allows the kids to have a bit of fun. You could even make it into a kind of competition for them!

Use orange and black accents

Yes, accents, don’t let orange and black take over the entire wedding or it will look too much! Use black flowers such as black calla lilies and cosmos with orange chrysanthemums or carnations, and use black and orange ribbons to decorate the chairs.

Use pumpkins for creative lighting

We’re not necessarily talking traditional Jack o’ lanterns here, although those can be quite effective too, especially in an outdoor setting. This is more about getting creative and cutting flowers, scenes, hearts, stars or whatever else strikes your fancy into pumpkins before using them to add a warm glow to the reception.

Have a trick or treat candy buffet

With all the trick or treat favourites in elegant jars so that the kids don’t miss out on trick or treating and the big kids (that’s you!) get a taste of nostalgia – especially if you use old fashioned sweeties!

As you can see there are plenty of ways to incorporate Halloween into your wedding without it being too over the top or the risk of it looking tacky. Just remember that in Italy you won’t see a big deal made out of Halloween – it’s really not something they have strong traditions about, so if any of your kids do any dressing up, expect a lot of attention from the locals!

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