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wedding buquet trends for 2011Bridal bouquets, big and small, extravagant or symbolic, pure white or colourful, are an important part of your wedding look. They may be something catchy for your simple white long dress, or a little extra for your Cinderella ball dress. No matter what they look like: they are the final touch to your big day.

The history of bridal bouquets dates back several hundred years - originally made of spices and herbs they were supposed to ward off evil spirits. Modern ones are made of flowers, often decorated with feathers, fake pearls, beads, ribbons, nests. The more eccentric made with fruit. Let’s have a look at trends for coming year.

One of the options is bags made of flowers, or partly filled with them. Original and practical - sure that that day many brides have problems with for example hankies. Where to put it when standing by the altar? Not for your nose of course, but the tears of joy that can appear at any moment. So if you are thinking about  different but fashionable bouquets you may like this one.

Nowadays  wedding bouquets are not just an essential part of wedding look but as well an adornment or jewellery. In this case why not decide on one made with tiny crystals or pearls, which perfectly complement the bouquet  and change it into a real jewel. Perfect with a simple, modest dress.

And something really new... Did ever think about getting married in the heat of August? Well if you did you may like our idea of really unusual wedding flower arrangements - a flowery parasol.  Really uncommon and glamorous , this might come handy during your photo session, especially on a sunny day.

For those who are settling down their nerves by eating we can “serve” edible fresh fruit bouquets, composed of fresh fruit that are cut and shaped like flowers and leaves, stuck than onto wires and set into a basket base  with use of some greenery to hide wires on which the fruits are held. The only problem is that those bouquets can stain, so keep them away from your gown. Actually florists spray them with clear fixative to prevent such incidents. The key to using these tasty bouquets is to keep them refrigerated until use. Just the thing for brides who look for something unique, beautiful, fresh and funny.

All of them amazing, made exactly on your request - with richness of flowers grasses herbs and fruits they are little masterpieces just like all your wedding.


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