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bridesmaids giftYour bridesmaids are there to offer support, love, and friendship as you embark on your dream wedding. They represent your most special friendships, and they are always willing to help you by wearing and buying the dresses you choose for them. In many ways, your bridesmaids enrich your whole wedding celebration. Finding a way to thank them for their kindness should be an important part of planning your dream wedding.

Today, bridesmaids’ gifts run the gamut from group spa and beauty days, to special keepsakes a bridesmaid can treasure long after the ceremony. For those planning dream or destination weddings, a keepsake is often the best option. After all, the wedding itself is often an “experience” – therefore, giving an “experience” gift may seem like overkill.

There are lots of fun ideas to try, but sometimes, traditional is best. Silver birthstone rings with a customized gemstone for each bridesmaid can be lovely – they can also be worn with bridesmaids’ dresses during wedding photos, for a touch of glamour. Consider your own heritage and that of your bridesmaids when you select birthstone rings. For example, brides with Celtic backgrounds often opt for a silver Claddagh ring with birthstone “hearts” for their bridesmaids. Other fun ideas for silver bridesmaids’ rings include initial or monogram designs, or thin bands dotted with tiny gemstones.

Personalization is the key to a memorable gift – you can show your thoughtfulness in a way that really resonates. That’s why birthstones, engraving, monogramming, etc., can make your gift more appealing. By personalizing whatever you choose for your bridesmaids, you can show them that, even in the midst of your busy wedding preparations, you had the time and desire to choose something truly special.

If affordable silver rings don’t sound right, consider gift baskets filled with delightful treats – mixing beauty products, gourmet nibbles, and bottles of wine and bubble bath can be decadent, but not too costly. Watch for sales on fun products as your dream wedding approaches – then, buy in bulk when you see something exciting, such as bath salts, body cream, or pretty nail polish. Find cute baskets and embellish them with lots of cellophane, ribbon, and flowers to give your gift more impact.

A “bridesmaid’s survival kit” is also a cute idea, but may fall flat with many friends. These kits are normally made up of practical items a bridesmaid might need during the ceremony – sewing kits, lip balm, and stockings are often included, along with toothpaste, etc. However, these kits are basically comprised of what many bridesmaids bring along to weddings, anyway. Sometimes, these survival kits may seem dull or lacking in glamour.

Keep gifts fashionable and pretty to get the best reaction. Something that can be worn with their dresses (and afterwards) is always a great idea. In lieu of jewelry (probably the most appreciated gift), or glam beauty and gourmet gift baskets, consider free massages for your bridesmaids, or perhaps gift certificates for a fun boutique located near the wedding itself.

Show your bridesmaids how important they are to you – by giving them gifts they’ll remember fondly for years. You dream wedding starts with happy guests and a smiling wedding party – thoughtful keepsakes and wedding favors can add more joy and good spirits to your big day.


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